1010! Puzzle Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
1010! Puzzle Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

1010! Puzzle Game Free Deluxe Game | Top Trending Puzzle Game

All over the world, 1010! Puzzle is exploding with popularity!


People are losing sleep and soundness playing this game. 1010! Puzzle, the brain-teasing and addictive game developed by Turkish game developers Gram Games, is a hit with people of all ages! It is hours of endless light brain teaser fun! Match the Tetris pieces together to form full lines in order to wipe them out! They can be horizontal or vertical, it doesn’t matter.


This unblocked game 66 has been downloaded over 400,000 times and is said to be a great, soothing game to pass time by. You don’t have to play in isolation, though. It’s so fun to beat each other’s high scores when you play 1010! Puzzle! This is one of the coolest, most infectious math puzzle games since Tetris! If Tetris was adrenaline pumping and stressful, then 1010! Puzzle is soothing, yet sly and challenging!


Not only is the free downloadable puzzle game a fun, interactive activity, it can also help stimulate the brain so that functions like memory and critical thinking can be improved. It is like exercise for the brain that you actually enjoy!


What is the world record for 1010 Puzzle??


No one really knows, but it’s definitely over 200,000, with people playing it endlessly for five weeks straight! So what’s all this hype over the game?


It’s all about your brains + luck! Can you fit the blocks such that you can clear as many horizontal and vertical rows as possible without getting in a jam fix? If the colors are confusing you and throwing you off, ignore them! They do not contribute in any way to getting more points!


Ready to join in this madness? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Here are three features we adore on this game!

Simple Game-play

Unlike other puzzle games with complicated missions, the goal of the 1010! Puzzle is simple. Demolish rows of tiles by forming horizontal or vertical lines across the board. The aim is to keep the board as empty as possible so you can keep working on it to climb up the high score ladder. The challenge? The tiles are not as nicely fitting as you would wish for them to be, causing you to think outside the box or not to jump into creating lines at the expense of the entire board. Each time, you’ll receive three new tiles after completing the previous three, and they are completely random.


Personalization of the game

One feature we really like is the personalization feature. You get to choose lots of different designs from inside the game:


You can personalize your board and make it your own! Especially if you’re working towards the singular goal of beating not just your own previous score but all your friends’ scores! Since you’re going to be at it for a long time, enjoy the graphics by purchasing a suitable theme from the shop or by choosing a different free design.


You can choose between three free themes which are the Day, Night, and Soft modes. If you want to personalize it more and are willing to pay for it, you can select from more modes including Purple, Black, Autumn, and more.


Design with Austere Simplicity

It’s not showy, or fancy, but we’re addicted to it all the same.


The sheer simplicity and design of the game make it really straightforward yet fun! No complicated music or effects, and just a singular design of a 10 by 10 board and playing tiles of different shapes and sizes!


Tips for 1010 Puzzle Game | Cheats, Deluxe, Trending, World Record


OK, so how does one actually set one’s chances right to at least hit a thousand on the scoreboard? Here are some tips that we’ve cooked up for you to help you ease into your first thousand!


The Bigger Picture

Firstly, it’s all about compacting your tiles together instead of focusing only on creating that one line each time. Sometimes we get so focused on the one line that we lose focus of the entire picture! In the larger scheme of things, what we’d need is a compact board with higher chances of striking a bunch of rows instead of getting just one each time you get a new set of three tiles.


Ignore the colored tiles

If you’re wondering whether you’re going to land more points for lining up tiles with the same color in a row or column, the answer is no. The coloring of tiles plays no part in getting extra points, so don’t let the color or mis-colors distract you from the overall game play!


Study the tiles given to you at the bottom

Each round, you get tiles presented to you to fit into the board. Consider and scrutinize all three options before you place them on the board. Most people just grab and put the first block they see instead of looking at all three and considering which one to put first or last. This is important because this rookie mistake has cost many a game with the potential to fall apart in the early stages.


Single blocks don’t come often

The lone single square tile doesn’t come by very much, and when you do get it, invest it wisely into a space where you think needs it most. It is often the magic piece that completes the line. So don’t just slot it at the side or chuck it into any blank space you see.


Avoid getting yourself into the situation above

Because these squares don’t come by often, it’s necessary you don’t get yourself in a bind by leaving too many lines with empty single tiles! The game can’t wait for you waiting for those single tiles!


Avoid playing too much in the center

It’s a dangerous game if you do! Trying to make rows across the center of the board lowers the chances of your tiles fitting into the top and bottom half because the center is an unstable place to be. The tiles can get awkward and non-fitting very quickly and the corners and long stringed tiles get harder to maximize.


1010! Puzzle Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to pay to play 1010! Puzzle?

The game can be downloaded free on Android Play Store, iOs App Store, and even PC! You do not need to pay for anything except for some premium game skins that are optional. Another premium option is to remove ads by paying a one-time fee.


How does the game work?

The objective of the game is the same each time. There are no time limits or lives. The only thing a player needs to focus on is clearing blocks by filling out the tiles completely either vertically or horizontally. The game is entitled 1010! Because there are 10 rows and 10 columns. There are different shapes of blocks and some of them have odd edges making it more challenging to fit certain tile shapes.


Can I play it offline?

The game can be played online and offline. Of course, to download 1010! Block Puzzle, you need to be online. However, if you want to play it without an internet connection, you can still play the game all the same.


How do I become the world record holder?

Practice playing the game to get the highest score you can. While no one knows what the world record is, you can try and achieve scores more than 200,000 and beat all your friends’ records.


1010! Block Puzzle is a fun, engaging game without time limits or complicated game-play. Beat the world record today! Download and play 1010! Puzzle for free!


Need more unblocked games to satisfy your need to crack your brain? You will not be disappointed with Block Puzzle Jewel and 1LINE.

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