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Boom Beach Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Download and play Boom Beach Online Game on PC/Mac | Guide, Cheats, Hacks, Tips, Tricks

Defend your base and grow your troops using your best strategy with Boom Beach on PC. Free island natives from villainous slavery by building and upgrading your gunships and landing boats. Beat Dr. T’s Volcano Island, Lt. Hammerman and participate in the monthly Mega Crab Event to win resources for your laboratory. Deploy landing parties using your weapons and take out opposing headquarters. Win a variety of reward or take your resources back from those who attacked your island and earn additional supplies. Boom Beach is an online free unblocked game that will test your strategy and management skills.


Create your own base on the beach front and build your defense so no enemy could come inside your island. Combine different types of defensive buildings and attack units in countless ways to achieve the best balance between defense and attack. If you are looking for a real-time strategy game with fantastic graphics without the morbid fighting and battle scene, Boom Beach will definitely swipe you off your feet. Read on for the game features of this fun multiplayer game.


Boom Beach PC Download Online Game


Boom Beach Game Features


Fun-Filled Friendly Battles

Participate in Mega Crab Events and play with millions of players from across the globe. Raid hundreds of enemy bases for loots and resources. Go against the army of Blackguards controlled by the computer, snag a win all by yourself or assemble an unstoppable team to complete missions.


Boom Beach Game Supercell Free


Flexible Game

Boom Beach allows you to learn the game as you play with the PvP (Player vs. Player) mode. While players can attack your island when you’re offline and you cannot see the battle as they play out, you can review and discover holes in your defenses with the replay function. This allows you to patch your mistake and improve your strategy in the future battles. Get rewards when you win or learn from your miscalculation when you lose.


User and Kid Friendly

With its cartoon-like visuals and fantastic graphics, kids will surely be won over by Boom Beach like the millions of other adults. Parents do not need to worry too much about your kids playing this game. Although kids are playing against strangers from the web, and the game involves plenty of guns, flamethrowers, mortars and other instruments that incites violence, no blood will be seen and no bad words are used aside from shouts of agony from dying characters. Both kids and kids at heart will definitely love this game.


Boom Beach Cheats Hacks Tips Tricks


Combat Strategy Game

Fight for beach fronts, free enslaved islanders and explore unfamiliar archipelago and race to harness hidden ancient powers on the islands. Prepare to conquer enemy bases with Boom Beach! Upgrade your gunboats, heal your troops or engage in thrilling acts of firing towards your enemies while you grind your way towards the top of the rank. Develop a range of military and infrastructure to guard your island, keep improving your defense and grow your troops and do a lot more with Boom Beach.


Uncover the evil plans of Blackguard Bosses

The Blackguard is the enemy force in Boom Beach and they want nothing but to invade the islands under your control. Familiarize yourself with the antagonist to look out for.


Lt. Hammerman 

Firstly, introducing the main antagonist of the game, Lt. Hammerman is also the commander of the Blackguard. He enslaves the poor inhabitants of each island. There are two events to watch out for: the Hammerman Strikes Back, in which the lieutenant will attack you and the other one: the Imitation Game where he will copy the best player bases. Players have a chance to earn great rewards by defeating his bases.


Dr. T

Also known as the evil Dr. Terror, who will take over your island periodically to conduct experiments for the Blackguard’s Artifact Weaponization Project. Watch out for Dr.T’s Mega Crab event to win resources and Power Stones.


Coronel Gearheart

He is a high-ranking member of the Blackguard that controls the Blackguard Factory. The Blackguard will do anything in their power to get all the resources and take over the Archipelago. They have created advanced weapons that no player could own. They are after your Power Stones to energize their factories that build unknown weapons. They will invade one of your islands or attack your home base; they are after your hard-earned resources and everything on your island and it’s up to you to thwart their evil plans!


Boom Beach Game Tips, Tricks and Hacks


Defense is the best offense

Your success is highly dependent on your defense as this will determine whether your enemy will succeed in attacking your base. Protect your resources and make sure that no enemy can go in by building a strong front line.


Concentrate on your Scorcher and Zooka

The short-range scorchers are heavily armored tanks and close range attackers. They do not die easily due to their thick armor making it hard for the enemies to kill them immediately. It will be best to pair them with long-range zookas who attacks from a distance.


Keep your Gunboat Upgraded

Gunboats are essential to your defense, so it’s important to maximize the special abilities of your gunboat. You have to upgrade it and in order to do that, you have to keep your resources abundant by mining and attacking islands. The upgrades cost gold. Keep improving your troops and your defensive mines to prevent enemies from looting it. Upgrade the weaponry of your gunboats for greater fighting power.


Boom Beach PC Game Play


Hide your Defenses behind the Trees

Your mortar and rocket launchers will perform better if you place them behind the trees. This works both for your resource island or your home base. Troops will find it difficult to reach them and they will launch more attacks before making any noticeable damage.


The Boom Beach Cheat AKA Simulate Attack

If you are not sure whether you will win an attack and do not want to take the risk, you can see the outcome of a battle without losing. Simply wipe out the base and select the option to go on Airplane Mode. Although your connection will be lost and progress won’t be saved, you can still attack the base. Send in your troops and see how the battle turned out. Simply quit the game after the battle is over and turn off the Airplane mode and restart it. This hack will give you the opportunity to improve your troops before attacking and learn from the outcome of the battle without losing anything. Give it a try! This hack is simple to execute and absolutely free!


So what are you waiting for? Boom Beach Download is now available on PC and Mac. Download and play it now and face the anger of Blackguard Bosses! You can also try out other games by Supercell such as Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale!

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