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Coin Dozer – Free Prizes

Game Circus LLC

Coin Dozer – Free Prizes Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Download Coin Dozer game for PC Free and learn more about Cheats, Casino and Coin Pusher

To be rich is everyone’s dream. Why don’t you nurse that fantasy with this game? Like how many people try out the lottery (and don’t win), Coin Dozer is a game that inspires that sense of “I can win this” feeling. Developed by Game Circus LLC, this virtual arcade game is a popular hit with anyone who loves playing carnival games! That sense of accomplishment when many coins get dozed into the chute in front! If you love Arcade games that are as fun as this, be sure to check out the other games that we have on!


Coin dozer gameplay
Coin Dozer has since changed a lot from its original days! Now armed with lots of virtual prizes, tickets to unlock chests via balloon popping fun, mystery boxes, big coins, it’s hard to peel yourself away from the screen! What’s great about this game is that we can also leave it to earn coins in the background as you do other work, and occasionally drop the coins in when you pass time to gain them.

Do you need tips to get around to maximizing your coins? Read till the bottom!


Here are some features we love!


Don’t you just love raining coins? Coins, everywhere!

Even though these aren’t real, they might as well be. The sense of satisfaction when you drive a bunch of coins into the front chute is incredible! Especially when you get those red coins (they signify big coins), because when these big coins drop into the arena, smaller coins will rain down alongside it. Give it a little shake and you will get have a higher chance to get more coins when that happens!


Carnival mini-games and loads more

Coin Dozer is not the only thing you’ll be playing in the game. You get to play carnival games as well: when you win the chance to pop balloons for tickets to unlock chests, or when you spin the wheel of fortune, or when you’re choosing which duck to shoot down! These little games of luck enhance the whole experience of playing Coin Dozer!

coin dozer balloons

Duck shootout

wheel of fortune

When you collect the toys in the dozer arena, you get to fill up the carnival game puzzle, which will unlock a surprise at the end after you’ve collected them all!

Carnival toys Carnival

Unlock chests and upgrades!

It is definitely not a stagnant game with all these colorful chest upgrades! If you save the tickets to get a bigger chest, chances are, you’ll win bigger prizes than if you settle for the ordinary chests!
Chests Quests

Special events

Keep a lookout for random special events that you might look forward to! For example, this event for collecting circus coins will last four days, and also shows the coin counter for the coins collected. With these special circus coins, you can unlock special prizes! We love these random events! Keep ‘em coming.

Special events


Free coins for you

There are many ways to earn free coins. Watching videos and downloading games are one of them, but also by waiting for the free coins. Simply leave your laptop/desktop on and do other things, and you’ll get a few more coins in no time!

Have absolutely no more coins? Don’t worry, you’ll never be at a complete loss or required to spend money to purchase these in-game coins, though they will sometimes promote bundle deals for you to consider buying! 


Free coins


Casino Coin Dozer  Tips, Tricks and Updates

Try to fill up the middle of the gap between the loot and the pusher

Don’t drop the coins onto the top of the pusher, because the coins get scattered easily when you do that, and the last thing we want is aimless pushing of coins! Especially if the coins get pushed off the side into the gutter. It can be heart-wrenching to see the teddy bear toy you want to get drop off into the side because you thought you couldn’t control the way you drop coins. The best way is to fill up coins in-between the loot and the pusher.


Stack the coins and always drop the coins in the middle

Now you’ve got an idea how the scattering prevents optimal pushing of coins, you must be wondering, “how many coins should I drop at every go?” Ideally it would be two coins, right smack in the middle section, one stacked atop of the other. This creates volume for the overall loot and a more sturdy push, with more coins aimed for the middle than the sides. Granted, you might still lose one or two coins to the side gutters, but it beats losing 10 or more!


When should I shake?

Shake it when your bar is full, and when there are lots of prizes in the loot arena. Don’t shake it just for fun, because the bar refills at a very slow rate, and you’d want to use it to clump all the gifts together, and if possible, shake ‘em till they land in the front chute.


Leave it in the background as you earn more coins

It’s surprisingly a great game to leave in the background as you’re doing work or homework. Why? You won’t feel stressed to complete the game because there is no time limit, and you’re always leaving the timer on to grow the coins. You can put the game at the side as you work on your other projects in your own time.


Coin Dozer Casino?


Are you feeling lucky today? Enter the world of Coin Dozer Casino! It’s like Coin Dozer, but with a gamble-y edge! The creators of Coin Dozer has come up with a new casino (based on Vegas) coin pusher game. If you enjoyed Coin Dozer, then you’d love playing this too!

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