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Homescapes Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Get Game Level Tips, Cheats and Hacks in Homescapes for PC by Playrix

From the creators of Gardenscapes, Playrix promises you another fun game with Homescapes! Together with Austin, and his parents William and Olivia, help make his childhood home a better place to live in. Walk into the beautiful mansion and a truckload of adventure awaits you brought to you by unblocked games vevo channel.


It’s a start of a new day and Austin the butler is taking a break to go back to his childhood home, one full of memories and beautiful stories. Upon entering, he noticed the rundown entrance hall and decided to replace the old carpet. Mum and Dad are pleased by the change, and Austin glows with their compliments, proceeding on to clean up his dusty room.


But after a whole day’s effort in setting things right, he was told that the house is going to be sold soon. (But why?!)

Ever since Austin received this bad news, he has been having nightmares about it. He cannot bear to see his childhood home full of beautiful memories get demolished. (Yes, we feel his pain too. ☹) He is now desperate to reverse his parents’ decision. Help Austin change his parents’ minds about selling this old mansion. Earn stars and replace all the old furniture in the house. Make it look as good as new!


Homescapes Game Levels Download PC

Pic 1: Homescapes Gameplay


Homescapes Game Features:


Match-3 game with an extra twist

Integrated with a decor element, your Match-3 game is never boring again. Earn stars by completing each level of the Match-3 game and complete missions in the Homescapes story. Unlock more chapters and look forward to more exciting episodes with the family as the story unravels!


Unleash the interior design soul in you

Decide what Austin’s mansion will look like, from curtains to walls and carpets, the combinations are limitless. Don’t worry if you do not like your current choices, you can change it anytime you want. Change the blue armchair in Austin’s room to a red one with just 10 coins.


Homescapes Home Customizations Download Free

Pic 2: Decide how you want the house to look like


Power-ups and Boosters to help you clear those levels

Make a Paper Plane by matching 4 tiles of the same color in a square. Launch the Paper Plane by double-clicking on it and it will fly to clear a random tile on the game board to help you meet your level objective. Other power-ups such as the Rocket and the Bomb clear the whole row/column of tiles and clear everything around it respectively. Combine 2 power-ups together and see how they perform magic on the game board! You can also trigger power-ups at the start of each level so that you do not need to waste a move forming those power-ups. Boosters are also available for you when you just need that extra invisible hand to clear that tile to complete the level.


Homescapes Cheats download PC

Pic 3: Homescapes Paper Plane Booster 


Meet Austin’s pets

On Day 1 when Austin entered his childhood home, he brought his beloved pet parrot, Captain Flint, with him. Help Austin set up a nice place for Captain Flint to stay in. See their interesting interaction! His love for animals didn’t stop there. Austin went on to adopt a fluffy pet cat, in which you have a say to its name! Looks like your opinion does matter to Austin!


Share your achievements

Austin is active on social media as well! Click on the task list icon on the bottom right of the game screen and see Austin updates his newsfeed! You can also update yours by connecting your account to Facebook. Save and share your progress and achievements with your friends. Exchange gifts and get more perks such as hearts, boosters, and coins.


Homescapes Game Austin Newsfeed Download Free

Pic 4: Austin uses a tablet to see his social media newsfeed 


Homescapes Tips, Hacks, Cheats

While people are searching for hacks and cheat codes to get unlimited coins and stars, these are often fakes and do not work. Do not download those and risk getting your accounts banned. Instead, we have found some pretty legit ways to get those resources that you need. Read more below.


Launch the game at least once a day

Login daily and get more coins and boosters with the daily bonus streak. It may not seem much every day, but it will definitely sum up to something significant at the end of the week.


Homescapes Daily Bonus Cheats Tips Download Free

Pic 5: Login Daily for more Coins


Take part in In-game Events

Homescapes often releases limited-time events for players to participate and earn rewards such as boosters and coins. Top the charts in the leaderboard and win big prizes.


Complete as many Match-3 levels as possible

Nothing beats hard work and time. Earn stars and coins with every level you complete. Watch out for our Walkthroughs page for the gameplay videos and tips on how to clear each level.




Homescapes Characters:


Katherine, Austin’s childhood friend

Young and pretty, Katherine is like the first love of every guy in the neighborhood. (So we are thinking she’s Austin’s first love as well!) On the official Homescapes Facebook page, it says that Katherine is a bit younger than Austin. But we think they have quite a large age difference. Else being a butler must be a really stressful job. One thing’s for sure, Austin wouldn’t mind company at his childhood house. Play Homescapes and watch the interaction between Austin and Katherine! *inserts flying hearts*

Homescapes Katherine Friend Characters Game Download

Pic 6: Katherine, Austin’s Childhood Friend


Henry, Austin’s Grandfather

The one who made started the legacy of the family of Butlers, Grandpa Henry is a lovable character. He is always gentle to those around him. He upholds the name of a first-class butler with his ways of managing the household chores. His care and concern for his family never ends, even though Austin’s father and himself are butlers as well! We guessed Austin’s friendly personality came from his grandfather, he gets so many visitors ever since he came back to his hometown!

Homescapes Henry Butler Characters Game Download

Pic 7: Grandpa Henry 


Are you Team Gardenscapes or Team Homescapes? Join us in the debate in which is the better game over at our blog! Coming real soon.


Unleash your creativity and give this old mansion a second life! Transform the mansion, replace all the faulty items, give it a new set of wallpaper, add new furniture, and make Austin’s parents proud of him. Download Homescapes PC today! Try out other puzzle games such as Toon Blast and Love Balls too!

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