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Honkai Impact 3 Finally Makes Its Way to the PC!

After winning over the hearts of the players in the Asia Market, Honkai Impact 3 is now officially launched to the rest of the world! The global server is called Honkai Impact 3rd –PC version available only here! If you’re a self-proclaimed otaku or at least a bit of a weeaboo that has a knack for anime games, this will definitely suit your taste! It’s Girl Power with Honkai Impact 3! Join your favorite waifu of the Battleship Hyperion in their mission to protect the world.

Same Formula, Same Sugoi Experience.

Complete the story missions as the Captain leading a 3-woman team on every mission to fight the malicious Otto Apocalypse, the evil dead walkers, powerful mechs, and Honkai beasts. Their goal is the destruction of humanity and nothing more. As the missions in Honkai Impact 3 become gradually challenging, you will need to upgrade the characters and their equipment to gain better stats to defeat strong enemies and save the world! Download games unblocked Honkai Impact 3 on PC now!



Honkai Impact 3 Game Features:


Cute Anime Game Waifus

As the Captain of the battleship Hyperion, it’s your responsibility to lead your elite team of Valkyries in the battle against the founder of the Schicksal, Otto Apocalypse and his infinite armies of zombies and aliens called Honkai. Along the way, you will rival against and ally with the mechs in different situations. Furthermore, players are initially introduced to three Valkyries: Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya Zaychik. Subsequently, as you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock new Valkyries that can be added to the squad. Included here are the Honkai Impact sweethearts: Theresa Apocalypse, Yae Sakura, Himeko Murata, Kallen Kaslana, Fu Hua, and Rita Rossweisse.




Upgrade, Evolve and Equip your Valkyries

Complete the story missions and upgrade your characters and their equipment to become stronger. Primarily, there are 5 different upgrades that you can perform on your Valkyries:

  1. Level Up: Gain experience points (EXP) by clearing the story missions or getting victories in the battles. Leveling up increases the performance stats of the Valkyries.
  2. Evolve: Increase your Valkyries’ performance and power by evolving them using fragments obtained from completing story missions.
  3. Weapons: Equip your Valkyries with Weapons such as Dual Pistols, Katana, Greatswords, Cross, Gauntlets, Rocket Launcher and Particle Beam Cannon to increase their attack power and chances of getting critical hits. Upgrade the weapons to enhance their power. Note that each Valkyrie has their own specific weapon.
  4. Stigmata: Increase the damage power of your Valkyrie. Collect a set of stigmata and gain extra bonus.
  5. Skills: Skills are separated into 2 different types in Honkai Impact 3; active and passive. Level up your skills to deal more damage.




Unlimited Hands-On Action

Unlike games such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Guns of Boom, Honkai Impact 3 requires you to gain full control over your girls. While it means more work for you, the full control makes the game more engaging and allows for more participation from the players, rather than just watching the game unfold and play by itself (yawns!).


A Rich Storyline

At this point, there should be a Honkai Impact anime thanks to the great storyline that it presents. The world is in peril once again and it’s up to the femme fatales of the battleship Hyperion to save everyone. The Honkai are relentless as ever and they will stop at nothing until mankind vanquishes. Lots of action, comedy, drama and romance unfold as you progress through the game. All in all, the game will leave strong impact on you (no pun intended).

In fact, there’s even a Honkai Impact 3 manga and wallpaper collection on their official website!


High-Budget Cinematics and Gameplay Quality

With battles happening on different locales including the battleship Hyperion, Schicksal Headquarters, New Zealand and Houkai City, the view of each environment you fight on is absolutely stunning. According to the Honkai Impact 3 review by IGN, it “packs a console-quality action-game experience into a mobile package, with a combination of high-end, anime-style graphics and smooth, responsive controls driving arcade-like 3D brawling action.”

And yes, this Honkai Impact 3 PC port brought to you by Games.lol delivers the same intensity from its original platform! And no, this isn’t just some Honkai Impact 3 mod apk, this is the real deal.


Stunning Graphics with Matching Voice Narrations

Kudos to the graphics team for the character and background detail. While in battle, the camera will automatically pan and allowing you to have a 360° view of the battlefield. When dealing critical hits, the animation slows down by itself, allowing you to enjoy the scene of the final blow.

In between stages, the story unveils animations of the communication between you and the commander, Murata Himeko. It’s like watching an anime while playing a game! Honkai Impact 3 definitely brings anime combat games to a higher level with its stunning cinematics. But, it’s not just a feast for anime fans, it’s also gaming enjoyment for all players out there.

Not to mention, the Honkai Impact 3 anime cinematics is one of the best-looking cutscenes ever made for an anime-inspired action RPG. At this point, a Honkai Impact 3 anime should be in order!




Regular Game Updates

The regular updates in this game would introduce different storylines, game modes, and collectible items for players to explore. Nonetheless, you won’t help but keep coming back for more Honkai Impact 3 adventure! Download Honkai Impact 3 now!


Honkai Impact 3 Anime Character Descriptions:


Starting Characters




Kiana Kaslana | Valkyrie Ranger

Kiana Kaslana: Uses gun kata techniques to engage in melee and ranged combat. Dodges enemy attacks to trigger Time Fracture. Crushes enemies and deals massive damage with her ultimate skills.




Raiden Mei | Crimson Impulse


Raiden Mei: Combines ninjutsu and bushido techniques to engage in melee combat. Dashes in and out of battle with ninja-like reflexes. Diverse ultimate skills, varying from illusions to lightning attacks.




Bronya Zaychik | Yamabuki Armor


Bronya Zaychik: Suppresses enemies from a distance with cannons and lasers. Capable of evading enemies or blocking attacks with a shield. Warps time and space, freezing enemies or pulling them into a black hole.

Unlockable Characters



Murata Himeko | Scarlet Fusion

Murata Himeko: The tank of the team who uses a greatsword that deals high damage at the cost of low DPS. Ranges from CCs, high damage direct attacks and big charge-ups.


honkai-impact-3-theresa honkai-impact-3-theresa-apocalypse

Theresa Apocalypse | Valkyrie Pledge

Theresa Apocalypse: The leader of the battleship Hyperion and the self-proclaimed world’s cutest loli. Her kit includes mid to long range damage using a cross weapon that is best used against groups of enemies and stacking combos. Honkai Impact 3 shows Theresa as the master of the girls despite her childish appearance.


honkai-impact-3-anime honkai-impact-3-manga

Fu Hua | Valkyrie Accipiter

Fu Hua: A brawler with high DPS and a combo-based Ult while bringing utility for the whole team. She also helps in stacking combos for long periods as well as having low-cost SP to activate her ult.


honkai-impact-3-yae-sakura yae-sakura-honkai-impact

Yae Sakura | Gyakushinn Miko

Yae Sakura: An Awakened Valkyrie who specializes in executing single enemies with a katana. Honkai Impact 3 portrays Yae Sakura as a legendary spirit from 500 years ago. She currently lives through the body of Raiden Mei.


honkai-impact-3-kallen honkai-impact-3-pc

Kallen Kaslana | Ritual Imayoh

Kallen Kaslana: Another Awakened Valkyrie who originated the gun kata that Kiana uses. She has one of the highest DPS in the game who is great against groups of enemies. Her spirit lives within Kiana.



Rita Rossweisse | Umbral Rose

Rita Rossweisse: A mysterious maid that wields a scythe into a fight. She’s very handy in close quarters against a group of enemies. Her style is like a mix of Mei and Theresa.


For a free-to-play action RPG, you might think the roster is low but each girl has her own different battlesuits – every battlesuit has its own playstyle that work very well on specific situations. They all have at least 4 different battlesuits, which results in more than 36 Valkyrie versions to unlock.


Honkai Impact 3 Guide, Tips, Wiki and Reddit:


Plan the Valkyrie to use in Battles

As experience points are only awarded to the Valkyrie who participated and won the battle, choose your Valkyries wisely and focus on the Valkyrie that works best with your gaming style. NeverlThere is a Honkai Impact 3 tier list found in forums but for us, just follow your heart and follow your favorite waifu. They’re all useful in every battle. But if you do insist yourself on the tiers of each girl, you can always check it out in the Honkai Impact 3 Reddit



Honkai Impact 3rd Story Mission Completion Rewards


Keep your Ultimate Move to the Last

Just like any Action RPG like Lineage 2 Revolution and Maplestory M, Honkai Impact 3rd requires players to execute attack combos to inflict greater damage to the opponent. In short, completing multiple combos charges up the ultimate move. Although, we recommend that you should save it until you encounter a boss or if you’re overwhelmed against a number of enemies. Hence, keep that trump card under your sleeve for worse case scenarios.


How to increase your Affection with a specific Valkyrie

If you have a knack for a particular girl, you can make her the observer on the bridge – in simplified terms, she’s the display for the main menu. Honkai Impact 3’s Affection system is done by the frequent usage of the specific Valkyrie.

For example, if you always use White Comet Kiana in missions, her affection for you grows and it doubles when she’s on the main menu Bridge. This maxes up to 4 hearts. Moreover, touching her on specific areas will lead to different reactions. Needless to say, it becomes the big UwU when you hit 4 hearts on any girl.

Fun Fact: Yae Sakura is the Honkai Impact community’s most common girl on the main menu Bridge according to the game’s official Twitter poll as of last September 2018. We’re pretty sure it’s her fluffy Honkai ears and thigh highs that attract a lot of the player base.


A Rule of Thumb about the Game Title…

Yes, the name is Honkai Impact 3 but there was never a Honkai Impact 1 or 2. The official prequel was named Guns Girl Z. However, the reason why it is called Honkai Impact 3rd/Houkai 3rd is because it is a reference to its own story. In other words, the game takes place after the events of the 3rd invasion of the Honkai creatures on earth.

For your information, Houkai 3rd is the official name for the Chinese, Japanese and Korean regions while Honkai Impact 3 is for SEA and Honkai Impact 3rd for the global region.

So download Honkai Impact 3 on PC today and join in this epic action-packed RPG adventure of a lifetime!

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