Last Day on Earth: Survival Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Last Day on Earth: Survival Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Last Day on Earth free PC Game Download | Hacks and Cheats, Survival Guides

The world is coming to an end and you are one of the remaining survivors in this apocalyptic world. With most of the human race exterminated due to an unknown infection, the dead are coming back to life, as fearsome zombies. You, as one of the lucky surviving ones, have to fight for their survival on this once thriving land on Last Day on Earth. If this is your last day on earth, you definitely want to be playing unblocked games 24h! Time to pack your bag, gather resources, craft weapons and seize the watchtower while fending off for you own life!

The fight for survival is long and tough. There’s no friends, love or compassion in this virtual world and you need to overcome everything on your own. But the power is in your hands. With no resources on hand and not even clothes to wear initially, you’re utterly vulnerable. Do you have what it takes to survive in these harsh conditions? Read on for more survival guides, tips and cheats to help you excel in this intense online game! provides you with the best Last Day on Earth mod that enables you to play the game directly on PC! No other Last Day on Earth mods compares to ours when it comes to optimization and stability! Just download it here for free!



Last Day on Earth: Survival Game


Last Day on Earth: Survival Game Features:

Be Self-Sufficient

Keep your character alive by monitoring its life stats. Drink up and eat when the thirst and hunger levels are low. Having left the comforts of your home, you will now need to get your hands dirty. Hunt for food the primitive way, using basic tools such as a hatchet or a spear.


Last Day on Earth: Survival Farming Gameplay


Learn New Skills

Along the way, you will be able to improve your survival skills by learning how to craft better tools, collect drinking water, cook a meal and learn to be self-sufficient, generally. Collect useful resources such as wood and stones for crafting. Create weapons and a mode of transport using whatever you can find around you.


Carry Essential Items with you and leave the rest at your Home Base

There are limited items you can carry with you in your pockets and backpack. With the recent update bringing the number of slots in the Basic Backpack down from 8 to 5 slots, it definitely adds further challenge for players when it comes to choosing how to fill it up. Prioritize and plan out what you intend to do today before heading out. You may only want to carry basic survival items such as water (collected from your Rain Catcher), food (carrots from your farm) and weapons (Hatchet, Pickaxe and Spear) with you when you head out. You can pick up stuff like food items such as berries in the wild if you run out of food in your inventory. The good thing is that 4 berries and 3 pieces of wood take up 2 slots in your inventory (Pockets / Backpack) rather than 7. Thus, it’s okay if you carry multiples of the same item. Leave empty inventory slots to store the pine logs, iron ores, and fibers you have farmed/grinded for crafting purposes.



Last Day on Earth Inventory Slots and Items


Upgrade your Living Space

Everything that you find around you will come in handy one day. Build a shelter for you to rest, craft boxes for you to store items that you have found during your venture to the wild. Start a campfire to cook food. Create a shower to freshen yourself up as body stench attracts more zombies. Craft a Rain Catcher to purify some drinking water to carry in your backpack when you head out. After gaining more experience and collecting more resources, you would be able to upgrade your living space.



Last Day on Earth: Survival Home Base


Beware of Intruders

Prepare yourself for intruders that approach your shelter when you are least aware. Set traps around the boundaries of your house to prevent foreign invasion. Likewise, you can also raid other survivors’ territories and obtain rare items. It’s the battle for survival and people (and zombies?) are capable of doing anything to survive in Last Day on Earth!

 A Brand-New Feature for Last Day of Earth: Raiding

That’s right, it’s not just the ghouls you’ll have to fight against; you will also need to battle other humans in order to get more resources. Morality is gone in this world and if you want to survive for long, you better make sure you join in the Last Day of Eath raiders. Survival of the Fittest blends well in this feature.



Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips, Cheats, Hacks and Updates:

Take note that these are all legal Last Day on Earth hacks. If you ever encounter a Last Day on Earth hack tool anywhere on the internet, do not be fooled as these are scams that will get your credit card information.


Equip your character with a Military Backpack instead of the Basic Backpack

With the update in v1.6, Kefir Games has reduced the number of inventory slots in the Basic Backpack from 8 to 5. In addition, a new backpack, Military Backpack, was introduced with 10 inventory slots. By equipping your character with this Military Backpack, you will be able to carry up to 20 items when you are out in the wild (10 items in your pockets and 10 in the backpack). This item can be crafted at level 64 by utilizing 2 craft points. The materials needed to craft this item are 15 pieces of Rope, 10 Thick Fabrics, and 2 Steel Plates. This is perhaps one of the most essential Last Day on Earth tips for beginners.  Now start crafting away!



Last Day on Earth Item – Military Backpack


Keep a lookout for Alpha Base, Airplane wreckages and Supply Drops

These airdrops often contain loot that is important for your mid game so be sure to collect as many items as possible and keep them safely in your home base. Access Alpha Base by obtaining the A card from the corpse of zombies and you may be able to find stronger equipment such as a military suit and guns.


Know the most essential resources

Here is the stuff that you need to have in order to survive more days than your average player in Last Day on Earth: aluminum, recycler, water, chopper, and electric generator.

Aluminum (more specifically, aluminum bar or aluminum wire) is a precious commodity that you need to stack up on. This will create greate defensive items. If you have a recycler, use empty cans to stack up on aluminum.

Recycler is the best example of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Say, for example, you have a bunch of common rubbish that you want to dispose of. Rather than discarding them, put them in the recycler so they become resources to make something more valuable.

Water speaks for itself since it’s both for your survivability and creating certain items.

The chopper is your important mode of transportation and an essential for when you are transporting the generator to the Last Day on Earth’s infamous watchtower. Without these, you won’t be able to expand your map.

Electric Generator is used to power up the watchtower. Without it, your map won’t expand and you’ll have to survive in the dark. And any survivor knows that darkness is the plague’s best friend.

These are the most appropriate Last Day on Earth cheats to use. Do not fall for any YouTube videos that say you’ll get 999999 coins or anything that involves “unlimited” resources. These are all fake. The only thing you must use as a Last Day of Earth cheat is to cheat death in the game.


Keep a dog with you

It’s not an apocalypse game without the inclusion of dogs. The Last Day on Earth dog is one of the most reliable companions you’ll ever have that will increase your chances in survivability.


Check out the Official Pages for the latest updates

Get the latest updates on new event releases and updates on the Last Day on Earth Reddit Page.



Last Day on Earth Update Plan


Sounds exciting? Are you up for the challenge? How would you fare if it’s your Last Day on Earth? Download Last Day on Earth: Survival now and survive this zombie apocalypse. It’s a survival MMO game that you would not want to miss. Try out other shooting games like Pixel Gun 3D and Guns of Glory. You may also like Break the Prison, where you try the ordeal and escape from the prison guard.

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