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Old school games are back but with a brand new twist! This online unblocked game gave Tetris a make-over and birthed 2020! Now, you can play it anytime you want!


Fill in the 10×10 fields with blocks and arrange them vertically or horizontally to fit the field and make them disappear! Be careful with your blocks, the game ends when blocks don’t fit the spaces, so think twice and look twice!


Don’t cram up the spaces! Complete the line and you’re good to go! Make sure to earn coins to help you clear out spaces. There are no levels, so no pressure! But the more you stay, it’s sure that the better you get. Reminisce the old school days and try this out!


Here are our favorite features:


Fun and Colorful Graphics

Just like our beloved Tetris, 2020 lived up to the colorful standards! The colors bring life to the game and keep the cool and fun atmosphere. These colorful tiles help you distinguish the spaces that needed to be filled and allows you to think of essential moves to win! But it should be noted that while matching colors within the blocks do not do any harm, it also does not clear up spaces, rather it takes time! So set your priorities straight when inside the battlefield. It may seem cute and fun with all the designs and colors but let it not fool you! Soon enough you’ll realize that cute and simple graphics is a façade to a mind-blowing and nerve-wracking game. Make sure you have plenty of time because playing it once is never enough!


Need some Advice?

Forgetting to place the important blocks first could mean the end of the game for you! So take some advice before getting yourself into trouble! Before doing anything, take a step back and think about your next move. Not just that, think about all the three blocks that you’re about to move in the field. Sort out those awkward blocks and take them out while you still have space! And don’t forget to prepare for the unexpected—the 3×3 block! Let’s accept the fact that these blocks know when to show up and that’s when you don’t have spaces for them! It’s wise to make sure those 9 blocks are free. Remember that more than filling the spaces, what you really need to do is to CLEAR them. No need to make sure everything is aligned, just make sure you complete those lines and clear them! This game is NOT Tetris so don’t mind fitting those blocks, focus on making a line!


Out of Moves!

Ever wished you had one more chance? Everyone wants that too! Don’t worry, this game believes in second chances! So in case, you lost a winning move, feel free to use your precious coins to save your game! It allows you to buy powerful boosters to change the tiles you have. You can clear one space if ever you badly need one because you got the three-tiled L block or you can also clear more than one space in your chosen area. If needed, you can even clear the whole space but of course, with a greater price! Know everything you need to know when you play this game, so you don’t commit the same mistakes! The more you play the game, the more you learn tricks—or better yet, the more you earn coins and get higher scores!


Coin Alert!

But after losing one round, you’d probably want all the coins you can get! Ever felt like you did your best but got stuck in crunch time and is out of coins? No need to look for them in your empty pockets because as simple as watching a video clip you earn 15 coins instantly! Don’t hesitate to take some of your time to pause and gain coins! Remember more coins mean more chances of getting the highest score or even beating your previous score!



Keep Moving!

You must have heard this a million times, but really, nothing beats practice! The only way you’ll get better and you beat your highest score is when you keep on trying! You’ll know the ins and outs of the games and you’ll discover new tricks unique to you! Learn from your own mistakes and allow it to be your stepping stone to becoming the best in this game! If you want to try out other puzzle games like this one, challenge yourself with Butterfly Kyodai and Solitaire.

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