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The Basics of Playing 7x7 Ultimate Game | Play the Online Game for Free Now

Do you have a thing for puzzles? Do you enjoy building and creating blocks? If yes, then it’s time for you to start playing 7×7 Ultimate. This unblocked HTML5 game put on a new twist in the conventional Tetris game we used to know. In this puzzle game, you need to move colored pieces of the block into four same colored pieces in the form of a line then let it disappear. You shall not let the blocks overfill or else your game is over. With blocks placed randomly on the board, your goal is to move them around and create rows, columns, and lines with the same color while new blocks are being added on your every move. Play the game now and have lots of fun.



7×7 Ultimate Game Features:

Block puzzle games are usually some of the most complex game genres around and 7×7 Ultimate is no different. Parading a myriad of challenges that will surely test the smarts of any gamer, this game will have anyone hooked in no time. Moreover, the game can also be played by gamers who are not native English players, giving the game a more global appeal. More features of the game, just read below:


Challenges that will boggle your mind

Tetris games are really amusing, all you have to do is put the same shapes and color together and that’s it but 7×7 Ultimate is a bit more challenging. You should also build combos for a higher score, but you should not wait for too long or else your screen will be filled with blocks and making new moves will be impossible. Your concentration and quick moves should always be at its best as things can get messy easily and you don’t want to run out of moves.



Cool Music and Nice Interface

The game features neon-colored blocks that are not too bright and not painful in the eyes. The blocks have two colors instead of just a single boring solid color. Colorblind people can play the game because the colors are distinct and not confusing. You can dance to the upbeat background music while combining the colors. All in all, the combination of sounds and colors in this game is very engaging to players of all ages and genre. You might notice a rainbow-colored block, that block can be paired to any color.



Can be played by Non-English-Speaking Players

Players who don’t speak or understand English can enjoy the game just as much as instructions and language settings are available in 6 different languages. Just click on the gear icon and select languages then choose from the flag of the language you speak. Either you speak English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian you can set the game on the language of your choice.



Different Challenging Levels

Currently, there are four levels that you can play. Each level has a different number of blocks, the higher the level the higher the number of blocks that will appear next. An example in level, when you make one move, three new blocks will appear, on level two, there will be four blocks, five blocks on level 3 and six blocks on level four, you must be careful with your every move if you don’t want to fill your screen with too many blocks.



Other Options

If you have other things to do, you can pause the game by clicking on the pause icon at the lower right-hand corner and come back where you left off. There is also an undo button at the upper right-hand corner, so you can reverse your last move. You can also reset the game if you are not satisfied with your performance.


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