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Click and Play Algerian Solitaire Patience | Free Online PC Game | Read on for Unblocked Master Game Features

Looking for a fun unblocked game to play during a Sunday night? If you don’t have cards, then don’t worry because Algerian Patience Solitaire Masters mini-game is a great alternative for you, and it’s just one click away. Also known as Algerian Solitaire Patience, Algerian Solitaire online has a complicated set of rules which may be challenging for beginners. If you have mastered the rules on the ordinary solitaire game, then be prepared to relearn them. Build the Ace Foundations from King to Ace. Move one card at a time into the Foundation and do your best to win the game.

If you’ve always been a fan of Spider Solitaire, why not download and play Algerian Solitaire and become the master of cards.



Algerian Solitaire Game Features:


Challenging Gameplay

Algerian Solitaire free is a two deck game with a different set of rules compared to ordinary solitaire games. Move the cards from the reserve pile to the foundation pile. Build the foundation from King to Ace, and the Kings down in suit to the Ace. You can move the cards in the Tableau pile as long as they have the same suit and the card has a lower or higher value as the card beneath it. For a beginner with no experience with cards, you might find these rules challenging but once you dedicate time in learning and practicing the game, it will become easy for you.



Trains Your Patience and Logical Reasoning

Algerian Solitaire Patience is not an ordinary puzzle game. Because of its complex nature, you will learn how to use your logical reasoning and visual perceptions, which are important processes of the brain. Instead of sorting cards by suit from Ace and above in the usual 4-foundation pile game, you will have 8 foundation piles in Algerian Solitaire.



Sort by Exact Suits

In the ordinary unblocked games, you can sort the cards on the tableau with alternate suit colors and numbers. However, in Algerian Solitaire, you need to sort by suit. For example, in a tableau, you should sort the cards like this 10 Clubs – 9 Clubs – 9 Clubs. If there is an empty stack, you can fill it with any cards. You can out the cards in the Reserve to the Foundation or Tableau.


Easy Game Controls

In the entirety of the game, you would mostly drag and drop cards from one pile to the tableau. If you’re still confused by the rules, just click the “?” button in the upper left corner. If you get stuck, just click the “X” button to reset the game.


Ready to see if you have what it takes to master this Solitaire game? Click and play Algerian Solitaire on your PC for free! If you liked this game, then you’ll definitely enjoy the classic game of Solitaire available here at!

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