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Think of it like Noah when he built the ark and brought two of each kind of animal on board. You have to find each pair of animal tiles and match them up with the closest exact tile. This online free matching game is fun for all ages. Sure it is more like a kiddie game, but there is still lots of fun to be had. Especially after a mind-numbing day at the office, or maybe you had some toxic homework. Destress yourself and relax with an easy going game that will not add to your stress and frustration. The relaxing childish music also provides some comfort after a very long day. And yet the challenge of matching up the tiles will keep you busy for hours on end.


Animal Connection Puzzle Features:

Simple and fun. That’s what Animal Connection promises its users. A game that allows you to just have fun without any complicated gameplay is clearly the most highlighted feature of Animal Connection. Moreover, the graphics of the game adds another layer of lightness to its overall. It has a “no-pressure” vibe with the cute illustrations. Read on to know more features:


How About A Change of Pace?

Kiddie games can be extremely simple and elementary, but whoever would have known that they are still loads of fun to play. Especially if you are coming from a toxic day at the office or maybe the teachers and professors decided to pile up the homework.



Animal Connection is a simple online matching puzzle game that is the polar opposite of the complicated and usually violent video games of today. Games are not supposed to add stress and frustration, at least that is not what you would like to happen. The music is relaxing and brings you back to a time when there were fewer worries and all of the worlds was right. The simple gameplay reduces the stress of trying to figure out complicated rules and game mechanics but still provide a decent challenge that actually gets the brain juices flowing.


Cute And Cuddly

Of course, Animal Connection is aimed at a lower age bracket, with the childish animal drawings and crayon textures. For an adult, it is actually quite soothing.



It truly is a game for all ages, nobody is too old to play puzzle matching games! There are no levels or any upgrades you need to unlock through tedious grinding, but you will be shocked by the number of times you encounter that ‘just one more try’ syndrome after clearing a board.


Match Like Noah’s Ark

The point is simple, just find a matching pair for each animal. Easier said than done because the rule is that there needs to be a direct connection between the two tiles. A direct connection generally means a maximum of 2 or 3 turns, the less the better. You also can’t curve around other tiles. It is so simple and yet provides a lot of challenge, especially in hard mode. No, it will not win any puzzle game awards but it will at least get your brain working instead of idling into non-existence.



Here is a basic tip work from the outside first. Obviously, there are a number of tiles right next to each other but if you look carefully around the edges you will find some direct connections on the outside. Just keep in mind that you cannot go around the board corners.


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