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Aquablitz Play Free Games on Gameslol

Aquablitz Free Online Matching Game | Play Online Free

Who knew that fun could go underwater! Enough with the land adventures and sugar rush, immerse yourself in this free unblocked online game, Aquablitz. It sure is a blast once you surf the internet because this free matching game is now up online!

In Aquablitz, matching becomes easy with the cute and colorful sea creatures. Match 3 or more of the same sea fella and you get gems and treasures! Make sure to match the creatures required at each level to unlock 3 stars! For other matching games, be sure to check out Gardenscapes and My Little City! Exciting and challenging levels await to the players that complete the tasks. Each level will be rated on how well you matched the shells, clams, starfish, jellyfish, and turtles.

The more you stay below sea-level, the more you unlock boosters that would help you complete the missions.

Hold on tight, because the long adventure awaits you.


Here are our favorite features:


Under the Sea Map

Never tried scuba diving? No worries, this map gives you a tour of the aquatic kingdom! Bedrocks, coral reefs, and pearls would welcome you to the depths of the Pacific. Voyage through the different levels and unravel the riches of the sea as you collect treasure chests, gems, and boosters to help you along the way.


Reach the stars and get 3 stars

Each level would require you to take it to the next level and you’ll know it when you reach for the stars! That’s right! The depths of the sea does not make it impossible to reach for the stars, just give it your best shot and match our underwater friends carefully. Hard work pays off so that 3-star level deserves a reward! Expect additional coins and much more exciting gifts along the way!


Perfect Attendance!

The ocean is filled with gifts that are waiting for you. Come aboard and unveil them every day! Who knows this could be your lucky day, you can get boosters, coins, energy points, and chests by just opening the game! Surely life in the sea is full of surprises besides, who doesn’t like surprises?

Wheel of Fortune!

Not enough coins could be the death of your round. So we make sure you don’t drown with the Spinning wheel! Spin the wheel and you’ll get instant coins! So make sure to cross your fingers real tight and hope for the best. If all else fail, don’t worry, we got you covered! You can still earn them if you take some of your time by watching videos.


Mission Complete

It is a pleasure to take you underwater with all the fun adventure each level but we don’t want you to miss out on practicing your matching skills. So part of the game’s feature is the Mission board that would allow you to keep track of what you’ve accomplished and to get a vision of “what’s next?” Of course, completing the mission means additional rewards for you but you may find yourself not wanting to check them all the time–that’s okay! As long as you stay focused on the game, you’d soon realize you’ve completed the mission! In that case, then, don’t forget to claim the rewards!

Take on the Challenge!

Take the daily challenge and win more! Aside from the usual challenges per level, this takes on a twist and allows you to explore more of the game. This is a good way to break the ice if you’re stuck without making you lose focus. Plus, this means MORE rewards!

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