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Click and Play Badland Game Free | Play on PC Online | Read on for Definition, Gameplay, Download & Features

Join the tiny creature known as Clones as it travels from one part of the magical forest to another in the world of Badland free unblocked game. Enjoy the physics-based gameplay and the stunning forest that looks like a scene from a beautiful fairy tale.  It may look like this at first glance but something is amiss.  Fly and survive as you join one of the forest creatures in this side-scrolling action adventure game to know what is going on.  The magical forest is full of trees, flowers and different kinds of inhabitants. Fly your way through them and encounter deadly traps and dangerous obstacles. As you are on your way, you will find bonuses that will enlarge, shrink, boost or multiply the tiny creature.


You can now enjoy 100 levels of single-player story in Badland unblocked game online on PC and not just on PS4. Click and play the game and discover many more magical things in the beautiful forest. Explore the realm of Badland and you’ll be ready to conquer Badland 2, the bigger brother of Badland. It will the definition of fun!



Here are some of the fan favorite features of the game:


High Definition and Stunning Graphics

The setting of the game is in a stunning forest with lots of surprising inhabitants, obstacles and elements. It feels like you’re on a dream or a forest of a fairy tale that just came to life on your screen. While flying through the forest, it feels like you are experiencing what it likes to be there. The beautiful rays of the sun, the magical creatures, the inhabitants on the background and the traps are astonishing and realistic.



Physics-Based Gameplay

Fly your way through the forest at different levels. Use the one-touch controls scheme to make the Clone fly and make it stay on the air. Badland game online is a physics-based game, touching the mouse makes the Clone fly forward and upgrade, releasing the mouse makes them float.



Easy Game Controls

Badland’s easy game controls make it adaptable and smooth for everyone. You can use the mouse for your keyboard controls. Click the mouse to make the Clone fly and float. Or if it’s easier for you, you can use the up arrow for flying, release for floating, and right arrow for moving towards the right direction. Your job then is to make strategies on how to overcome traps and challenges along the way.



Four Mysterious Stages to Play

One of the best things about Badland PC game and its physics-based control is its unpredictability when it comes to traps and obstacles. You will start playing in Day 1 which consists of four stages; Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Night. Each of the stages has its unique color scheme and traps. As you play along with the stages, it becomes more difficult especially during at night where the forest becomes more dangerous.



The Puzzle is Left For You to Solve

As you may have noticed, there are no further instructions about how to beat the machines and other traps. The puzzle of the game is left for you to unlock and figure it out while you play it. The hints that will be given to you is that you need to avoid those traps and watch out for some bonuses.


Download and Play

Are you intrigued enough? If yes, click and play Badland now on your PC for free!  For more games, you can check out our New Releases here at!

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