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Baseball Hero Play Free Games on Gameslol

Be a Baseball Heroes Master with Baseball Hero | Play Free Online Game Now

Baseball Fanatics can now play their favorite unblocked game in the comfort of their own home with Baseball Hero. Strike a home run and work your way from the Rookie Ball to the Major Leagues. The straightforward goal of Baseball Hero makes players love the game even more. Win as many championships as possible during your career and ace the 30 game seasons for promotion. Experience a smart innate baseball game like never before with the improved pitching and battle control. Together with your skills and perfect timing, you can acquire various achievements in this exciting and fun game. You don’t need to be a baseball fan to find this game interesting, once you know the basics of the game, you will get hooked in no time.



Baseball Hero Game Features:

Baseball Hero mixes its cute visuals with the real-life excitement of baseball. Gamers can help their characters by buying power-ups and constantly playing the game. Moreover, Baseball Hero has an awesome gameplay that should be taken seriously despite its light and fun visuals. Read on to find out more!


Cute Baseball Player

Play with a cute character and improve your baseball skills with Baseball Hero. Learn how to pitch perfectly and be a baseball legend. Just like in a real baseball game, you have to hit as many fastballs as possible to win. Showcase the perfect element in batting for a successful strike. Using the spacebar of your keyboard or your mouse, you can pitch a perfect strike if you just wait for the right moment.


Upgrade and Buy Power-ups with Coins

The game’s basic currency is gold coins and you can use them to purchase better pieces of equipment like gloves, helmets, belts, shoes, bats, and goggles for power-up options. You can also upgrade your stadium by completing some achievements. You would also need to win every level and complete various quests to improve your skills.



Impressive Animations and 3D Graphics

If you have played Baseball Heroes on Facebook, this game is similar in terms of the gameplay and animation. The animation characteristics are very evident from the players to the background. Visually, the game is entertaining and many gamers will attest to that.


Customize Your Player

Using the simple set of controls of Baseball Hero, you will have a fun time playing this game. You can even customize your player’s appearance by going to the shop. Depending on the cost, you can select the player you want to pitch as well as its accessories. Choose from different kinds of cap and not just the conventional baseball caps that we are accustomed to. In this game, you can wear a Viking’s cap if you feel like it. You don’t also have to settle with a normal baseball bat, you can use a sword or a skull tied to a wood and hit your target. There are plenty of things you can do to make your game more entertaining.



Simple Gameplay

Baseball Hero is a straightforward unblocked game with only one main goal, which is to work your way from the rookie-level until the major leagues and you can do that by pitching as many balls as possible. There is no need to complicate the gameplay because the developers want nothing but to entertain the players so pick up your baseball bat and get ready to hit a home run in Baseball Hero!


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