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Basket Champs is like the comfort food of basketball unblocked games – nothing super grand but it’s the kind that you’ll never get tired of even if you go for it more than enough times.


Basket Champs is a basketball mini-game in which you get to choose one of many nations to represent and win the coveted Basket Champion trophy. All you got to do is to do free throws 5 times in a match. Get more points over your opponents and you win!


Sounds simple, right? That is until you find out how competitive your opponents will be! So rise up to the occasion, practice those floaters and three-pointers because you’ll be facing the best of the best in the world!


Play it now for free and experience the casual basketball game yourself!


Basket Champs Features:

Boasting of a unique basketball gameplay dynamics, a different type of basketball court, and a global stage for you to play on, Basket Champs will surely test your basketball IQ and have you pulling out all your hoop tricks to win the match. Read on to find more slick features of the game:


Unique Free Throw Mechanics

Usually, a basketball game would have a 3v3 or 5v5 match; but in Basket Champs, you only get to play as one player. It’s just you, the ball, and the ring. Think of Basket Champs as a sort of side-scroller sports game where you have to measure and predict the arch of your throws. It’s fast and it’s fun!


No need for any of those defensive maneuvers, dribbling, crossovers, and dunk systems; all you need to do is just toss the ball into the ring and hope you get a score!



You have held on the left mouse button and measure the arch of your shot using the green dots. If you count it right, then it’s certain that you’ll get a score!


You only get 5 tries per match so make sure you make them count! If there comes a part where you’re in a tie with your opponent, there’s the intense sudden death match. If you score and you’re ahead by 1 point, you win! Hope your opponent misses, though!


Not the Usual Court You Know

What, did you think this game is going to have a stationary basketball court? No way, son! As you progress through the game, the ring itself moves! The board will move up and down while the whole post is going to move left and right like a strafing tank!


You better make sure you predict your shots right because even Stephen Curry is going to have to think before he takes a shot. The game doesn’t have a timer anyway so take all the time you want prior to shooting.



Participate in a World Tournament

Represent your selected nation and go through a series of championships where only one will succeed! It’s just like FIBA but in a more simplified way.


There are no unique stats or perks for every nation as each of them is equal in terms of basketball skills. It’s all up to you on how you can get your country up to the top of the charts and rise above the rest to become the one and only Basket Champion!



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