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Bike Racing Play Free Games on Gameslol

Bike Racing Game | Play Bike Racing Online Free

Make way because a cool and fun way of racing is up online and is accessible to you! Take on the full speed as you work your way to different terrains: Mountainous terrain, Winter terrain, and Desert terrains. Accelerate through the highs and lows and get on your fuel to beat your highest score and get stars. Try exhibitions as you drive along obstacles and keep some air time to achieve higher scores! With the use of your arrow keys, you can be the next racing superstar!


Racing with time is a big foot in the pedal but aim your best! With practice and perseverance, you can do just about anything—even finish a 30-star requirement per terrain! And no age limits! With its simple designs and big icons, no doubt that the game is a champ among all ages! Just don’t forget one thing, HAVE FUN!


Here are our favorite features:


A Game for Everyone

Bike Riding just wins the heart of everyone! This simple design and icons make it a good choice for all types of people, young, old, boys, and even girls! This unblocked game is a no-brainer! Just get a good hold of the arrow keys and voila! You are already in the game! In the age of internet and fast-paced society, everything is just one click away. So this just means that relaxing games are in the tips of your fingers!


Pick your Ride!

For bikers, bikes are trophies! Good thing in this game, the garage welcomes you to a vast collection of motorcycles to choose from! From scooter to a street sport, to off-road and even cruiser types. Every type has its own specialty terrain, so if you plan to race on the desert, get those off-roads to ride up the sands. Just make sure you have enough stars to keep you with the latest upgrades and increase your speed as you race through different obstacles and time.


Open a New Terrain

After getting all the stars in the mountain, level up your skills on a different pathway! Buckle up and get your gears moving to Winter terrain, and soon enough to the Desert terrain! As long as you complete the 30 stars per level requirement, you get to make your way to the top. Every terrain has 10 different and challenging level. Every time you pass a new level, it makes sure that you would be onto a new and more challenging one! Every level gives a different height or depth of the path, so it’s important to get your fingers ready! Stretch them out and practice controlling your keys—you’re in for the ride!



The Perfect Score

It’s always a pressure to aim for the perfect score every single time. It’s really all up to you to take your driving to the highest level. For starters, there’s no shame in repeating the game, as long as you aim for the 3-stars! This game practices your consistency! More than getting high scores, completing the star per terrain is the goal! Don’t fall back to 2 stars, go reach for 3! Get those little air times to increase your score. You can also do some tricks on the air for additional points! The more stars you earn, the more chances of getting the bike that you want and the more you get closer to finishing your terrain. Want that perfect 30/30 star per terrain? Then play this game as much as you want– the sky is the limit!


Easy Control

Nobody wants to play a racing game and ends up frustrated with how stressful playing the game is. With Bike Racing–easy peasy! With the use of the up, down and side arrows, you can pave the way to your championship! It’s also a plus that it reminds you of the control keys every start of the game. Way to go for simple and clear instructions! Just don’t forget to not press on the keys too hard! We don’t want a broken keyboard after playing this game. Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you don’t get the proper control on your first try, try again!



Get your engines started and play Bike Racing today! For other fun racing games, do check out Fastlane: Road to Revenge and Donut Drift

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