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Birdy Rush Play Free Games on Gameslol

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Do you like Arcade Games or unblocked HTML5 games? If you do, it’s time for you to play and discover Birdy Rush. This arcade game can be played on your computer (both pc and mac) for free, there is no need to download or install anything, just click and play anytime you want. Birdy Rush is an addictive skill game that will test your cleverness and speed. Your goal is to help the cute little bird collect as many delicious grains as possible without being squished by plenty of cascading crates. You can use those grains that you have collected to unlock new friends and landscapes. Do you think you can reach the top of the crates? Play Birdy Rush now and discover how high you can climb.



Birdy Rush Game Features:

Birdy Rush mixes its cool vintage graphics with a gameplay that will turn a casual gamer into a hardcore player. Aside from these, Birdy Rush can also be played in six different languages giving chance for more players to enjoy the game. Learn more about the game’s other features below:


Insanely Addictive Gameplay

As mentioned above, the goal is to collect grains without being smashed by falling crates. Very simple but that simple goal makes everyone who played the game hooked. The crates become higher and while you can up on the crates, plenty of other crates are falling so you must be extra careful. Collect as many grains as you can so you can unlock other characters and buy new sceneries to make your game more exciting. Currently, the game has 150 levels and it gets more challenging as you move further.



Old School but Cool Graphics

The game features pixel graphics in a very colorful background. There are clouds above and pine trees in the background. The falling crates look like real crates, and the cute little birdy stands out on your screen. As you move further, the landscapes will change so you’ll never get bored in this mini-game.



Can be played in 6 Different Languages

Birdy Rush game can be played in 6 languages for those who cannot speak or read English. Just click on the flag on the upper left part of the screen and players can select from French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, English and Italian by clicking the respective flag. Instructions on the said languages can also be accessed by clicking on the small I icon on the middle of the screen.



Easy to Understand Control and Menu

Once you open the game, you will immediately notice the four boxes in the middle of the screen. The first box at the top will let you choose the type of bird you want to play with, however, you would need to reach a certain level before others will be available. The pine tree icon on the left will let you choose the world you want to play in, again you need to reach a certain level before you can unlock the new ones. The round icon on the center is to play the game itself, the small letter I icon is for instructions and the one on the bottom is the music icon, you can choose whether you want to play with music on or not.


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