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Blocky Warrior is an unblocked games that combines the essentials of a turn-based RPG and classic block puzzle games. You are an unnamed protagonist who has been given the might of the gods in both physical and elemental strength. You are feared by mere mortals but are a threat to supernatural creatures that lurk in the forest.


As a champion of the people, you are a warrior determined to put an end to the wave of enemies that will destroy mankind as we know it.


With a fast-paced block-matching gameplay and a difficulty that gets harder as you progress through the game, Blocky Warrior combines the elements of classic action RPG and brain-tingling block puzzles.

Now available to play on PC for free online!


Blocky Warrior Features:

Blending the vintage feel of a turn-based RPG and the visual puzzle of the classic puzzle game; Blocky Warrior has something for every gamer. Read on to find out in detail about this game’s features:


A Hybrid of Turn-Based RPG and Block Puzzle Classics

Imagine if you took the gameplay of Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Bookworm Adventures, Bejeweled, and Candy Crush and made it into a fascinating fantasy 2D adventure: you’ll get Blocky Warrior!


It’s one of those games that doesn’t seem to end and a big time-waster (in a good way) that will keep you playing for hours! It’s fun, it’s fulfilling, it’s very rewarding and that’s why we love it. We’re sure you’re going to love this too!



If you don’t know how to block matching mechanics go, it goes like this:


You have to drag your mouse onto the right icons in order to use that ability whether it attacks, defend, heal, or use elemental powers. The icons don’t have to be aligned – it just has to be very close together in order to perform such actions and that’s what makes this gameplay seem endless!


There is not a single “no moves” phase here as everytime you match blocks, there will always be more that are waiting to be matched!


Turn-Based Actions Turned into Block Puzzles

Turn-based games always have you pick over 4 or more actions when it’s your turn. This game won’t wait for your turn as Blocky Warrior has a timer instead. Let the timer run out and the enemy will make its move on you by attacking. Keep on matching and your enemy won’t have a chance to do anything.



There are 4 actions to do based on the blocks: Attack (Sword), Defend (Shield), Heal (Potion), Cast (Thunder), Level Up (Crystal).


Unlock New Powers

When you happen to match 4 or more blocks 3 times consecutively, you will receive a random power that you can use to do devastating blows! Call in an asteroid, blow up your enemy, freeze them to death, or create a powerful force field that will absorb lots of damage!


All you have to do is just press the power you want to use and activate it using the thunder blocks. The more blocks you match in one go, the more powerful your ultimate cast will be!


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