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Done with the usual colorful balls you shoot? This time, everything’s sweeter! From the makers of Bubble Shooter Classic HD and Bubble Shooter HD, now Bubble Shooter Candy! No need to fuss, we got the same mechanics! As simple as shooting the same colored candies, this game will surely be one of your favorites! Like the previous shooting games, this too will always be the go-to game of all ages. It’s online so you can play anytime you want!


This game only follows two steps (no-brainer!): Aim and shoot. Aim for the closest group of identical candies, at least 2, and once you hit it, you score! Knock out all the candies as fast as you can because the next layer of candies will surely surprise you! Math skills aren’t required but make sure to work those angles!


Again, you won’t make it to the top if you don’t visit often! Know the ins and outs of the game and I’m sure you’ll master shooting sweet treats in no time!


Here are our favorite features:


Cute Graphics

It’s always a win when you get to play unblocked games with cute graphics, right? No one will ever resist brightly-colored and uniquely-patterned candies! No one’s really too old for candies! You might even crave for some sweet treats while playing this game. The colors and patterns take you away from your problems and into the world of fun and happiness!


Fast Shooting

Lag times are worst, especially in games! Of course, you don’t want to waste precious break times waiting for the game to load and function. Fret not, this game is not one of them! One click and you’ll see the candies flying on your screen. Fast shooting is a good thing but there’s another side of the coin! Once you shoot it on the wrong candy, there’s no going back! You just need to make up for it. You better look at it carefully and closely to fire the best shot!


Next in Line

Fast shooting is one thing to consider to win. Another one is to think of a strategy! To help you think fast and shoot it wisely, this game lets you know the next candy in line! With just a glance you could easily scan the area and think about your next move. Go to the left or to the right? This game is about coordination! Your hands and your eyes should be the best of friends to win this game! The area looks overwhelming but with good thinking and coordination, surely, nothing is impossible!


Off the Walls

True enough, there’ll be times that your efforts are not enough! Especially when you can’t reach that angle to shoot a big cluster of candies. So you wait for the right time to clear the other candies. Don’t worry, here’s a helpful tip: try to make them bounce on the walls! That way, you reach the hardest corners and aim for that cluster you’ve always wanted to shoot! Doing this could also increase the chance of you not shooting the target—just remember to be very careful! Again, Work out those angles!


Simple and Classic

This simple and classic game reminds you of the first online games you had in grade school. How you wish you had access to this before! The game surpasses all age-limits and is a good game that takes precision and strategy to win. Even though this game does not really have levels to take you, it’s okay! As you play the game, you’ll realize it’s already a challenge to look for candies of the same colors! If you love classical games like this, be sure to check out other games like 2020 and Solitaire!

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