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Pop more bubbles and get more points! This unblocked game for school is the perfect match for people stuck in traffic or for those who just want a quick break! Careful though, time flies! So sit back and relax because this game would take you to childhood memories with its simple mechanics.

If you want to be on top, then you only need two steps: Aim and Shoot. Fire the ball with the same colored balls before they all reach you. Make sure you shoot them precisely because each level lowers the ball until it reaches you. It’s also good to work out your angles! Ensure that the ball aims the target. This game goes after Zuma minus the movement and other powers. As simple as that, who knew the happy pills could be bubble shooting. Try it out easily online for free!

In Bubble Shooter HD, you need to shoot the balls to at least 2 same-colored balls to pop the bubbles and prevent it from adding in the top layer. Learn how to win quickly as you tune in more to the game. Catch this mini-game and make sure to play them daily.


Here are our favorite features:


High Definition Graphics

Enter a world filled with colorful bubbles that you can match. With beautiful and high definition graphics, be immersed in this simple and classic game.


Fast Shooting

This game shows top performance and no lagging time as long as connected to a very reliable connection. Now you get to enjoy a fast, hassle-free game, that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. You can shoot almost instantly and there is no reloading time. Though fast shooting could be your best friend, this could also be your worst enemy. Once you shoot it on the wrong bubble, there’s no going back! Either you blocked the way for other bubbles or you just added another bubble on the bottom— both are frustrating! So you better look at it closely to aim for the best shot but also think carefully for your next move –think of strategy!

Show Me What’s Next!

Speaking of strategy, one good thing about this game is you get to know the next colored ball! With just a glance you could easily scan the area and think about your next move. The area looks overwhelming but with good thinking, nothing is impossible! Plan ahead and shoot accurately!


Bounce the Bubbles

It’s hard when you don’t reach that angle to shoot a big cluster of bubbles, right? It’s either you hope for another chance to shoot it, or you just give up. But here’s a helpful tip: try to make them bounce on the walls! That way, you reach the hardest corners and aim for that cluster you’ve always wanted to shoot! Doing this could also increase the chance of you not shooting the target—just remember to be very careful! Work out those angles! Be careful though, a couple of miscalculations may cause you the game!


Simple and Classic

This simple and classic game reminds you of the first online games you had in grade school. Back when having computers at home is a luxury. The game surpasses all age-limits and is a good game that takes precision and strategy to win. This game did not bother to make levels because every time a layer of bubble goes down, it’s already a challenge to look for bubbles of the same colors! If you enjoy games like this, do check out other games like Bubble Shooter Classic HD and Bubble Shooter Candy for other variations.


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