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Butterfly Kyodai Matching Game | Play Online Free

It’s true that looking for the perfect match takes time! But don’t take too much of your time though because this game dares you to find as many pairings as you can in only 190 seconds. Match the beautiful patterns of butterfly wings to score high! Connect them vertically or horizontally in mahjong-style to clear the plate. The faster you match them, the better! Now, you can try it online on your own PC and watch as your screen enchants you with these beautiful creatures!


Watch as these butterflies and fireflies fly around and also help you answer the puzzle as they give out clues. This game tests your perceptions and vision. So keeping your focus is a must to see what lies ahead! So make sure to get your hands and your eyes ready for an exciting and fun matching game!


Here are our favorite features:


Serenity in Your Screen

Tranquil and scenic views allow the players to get a relaxing atmosphere—perfect for stressful times! Take meaningful coffee breaks, relax your eyes and minds while keeping your focus intact! The graphics were ensured to allow you to see the tiniest details on the wings making it easier for you to get the perfect match and level-up to the next challenge. The dark and gloomy background also allows the butterflies to stand out with its vibrant colors. Enjoy the beautiful design and fun unblocked game!



Level Up

More than matching the wings to its partner, Butterfly Kyodai allows the players to experience challenging rounds, leaving them on the edge of their seats! As you clear every round, the game takes you one step ahead and adds twists to the games such as blocking the pathway with lotus flowers that would push you to look for better pairs! Another is pushing back unmatched wings to the side until you match all the piled up wings! Isn’t it exciting?


Helping Hand

Since it is a whole different take on mahjong with all the colorful butterfly wings of all shapes and sizes, it is only natural to feel stuck and confused in the middle of the game. So this game allowed fireflies and other creatures to guide you along each level. When you’re stuck with no moves, watch out for the fireflies and dragonflies that would pass above some wings. Take note and try matching them again! If you have no luck in doing that, try to use some booster.


Boost the game

Playing a good game takes up time and sometimes tires your eyes, especially when you have to look for 70 perfect pairs! Feeling stuck would lead you to panic but worry not because you can use boosters to aid you. The blue buttons are there to re-shuffle the wings and allow you to see a matching pair. Meanwhile, the wand grants you your most needed wish—a clue! So no need to fuss, relax and enjoy the game! Otherwise, you can just click pause, take a deep breath, and start again.



Beat the Clock

Despite the relaxing vibes you get from these game, you can’t really kill the time looking for same-patterned wings! This game only allows you to match as many as you can in the span of 190 seconds (as seen on the top-left corner of the screen). For every butterfly you match, you can get an additional 10 seconds in your clock. So make sure you don’t waste precious time and work as hard as you can to beat the timer. The more you match butterflies, the more space you would get to match more!


Smart Play

Matching two wings is easy but looking for it together with a hundred more is just as hard as playing Where’s Waldo. It could be overwhelming! But whenever you are stuck, the game would automatically re-shuffle the wings to give you better chances of looking for them. But as long as there’s still a pair or two from the shuffled pile, automatic re-shuffling won’t take place! So look very hard and try your best before the time is up!


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