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Candy Mahjong Play Free Games on Gameslol

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It’s the Candy Mahjong! Match all pairs of similar candies by connecting them horizontally or vertically just like how you play mahjong in order to clear the board! Don’t take too much of your time though, because matching the pairs is time constrained. Rest assured that when you are able to make a pair, there will be additional time to your clock! So match as many as you can before the time is up! Now, you can try it online on your own PC and watch as your screen enchants you with these beautiful creatures!


This game tests your perceptions and vision! Watch out for candies with slightly similar designs because it takes double the time in distinguishing them from the others. So really, keeping your focus is a must to see what lies ahead! So make sure to get your hands and your eyes ready for an exciting and fun matching game! If you love matching games like this, do check out Butterfly Kyodai and Candy Rain 5!


Here are our favorite features:


Mahjong for Everyone

The sweet and cute graphics of the game actually makes it a good game for all ages! Who knew that mahjong can be for everyone right? The picture of sweet treats plus the simple mechanics makes it a big YES for the younger generation. It catches the eye, it enables one to focus but relax at the same time and finally, it’s FUN!


Level Up!

Matching candies seem like an easy task for everyone but more than that Candy Mahjong allows the players to experience difficult rounds! Once you clear up the board before the time is up, you get to move on the next 12 rounds! As you clear every round, the game takes you one step ahead and adds surprise challenges to the games!


Boost your Game

Tired eyes are what you get from playing a good game especially when you have to look for 70 pairs of candy! No need to panic and no more worries when getting stuck with no pairs to match because you can use boosters to aid you. The green lightbulb buttons are there to give you a clue and allow you to see a matching pair. So no need to fuss, relax and enjoy the game! Otherwise, you can just click pause, take a deep breath, and start again.


Take Note of the Time!

We know you play unblocked games because you want to be relaxed but despite the relaxing vibes you get from these games, you can’t really kill the time while playing this! This game only allows you to match as many as you can in the span of 190 seconds (as seen at the bottom of the screen). For every candy that you match, you can get an additional 10 seconds (more or less) in your clock. You have to make sure you don’t waste precious time and work as hard as you can to beat the timer. The more you match candies, the more space you would get to match more!


Keep Moving!

Really, the only way you’ll get better and you beat your highest score is when you keep on trying! You’ll know the ins and outs of the games and you’ll discover new tricks unique to you! So keep pressing on and keep moving!

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