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Candy Rain 5 Play Free Games on Gameslol

Candy Rain 5 Free Online Matching Game | Play online free

Fans of Candy Rain 1 – 4, Candy Crush, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, and Toon Blast, rejoice! Now, you can play this addictive mini-game on your browser even as you surf the net!


In Candy Rain 5, a Match-3 addictive game that is an online free matching game unblocked, we get to reposition candies in order to make it rain candies! Like a typical match-3 game, Candy Rain 5 has a series of challenging levels that the player must complete in order to win rewards along the way as well as have a ton of fun!


The gorgeously designed candies and effects of the game make it a favorite with many players! Unblock candies, clear chocolate smudges, crack ice blocks, release candy bowls – there are so many exciting candy adventures in this candyland!


Once you start, it’s really hard to stop!


Here are our favorite features:


An Extensive Candy Wonderland Map

It’s an enchanting map in Candy Rain 5 (just try not to play it when you’re too hungry)! Journey through the stages to unlock the many boosters, chests, and gifts along the way! Candyland is filled with hundreds of tasty-looking treats like giant donuts, trees with icing, sprinkles, chocolate bars, ice-cream, candy floss balls, and lollipops! You’ll never run out of fun, and the visuals in the gameplay make sure of that!


Candy Rain 5 Map

Can you get 3-stars?

Reach for the stars! Don’t settle for just one or two stars! Try to attain 3-stars for each level in order to successfully get the rewards that come with it. It’s not easy, but it’s possible – besides, without the time limits as a factor, you can replay the game over and over until you get the better-than-satisfactory results! You’d earn gifts when you manage to get 3 stars – yep, a reward for your hard brain-work!


3 Stars


Unlock daily rewards when you login daily

They’re really cheeky! Candy Rain 5 doesn’t reveal what gifts you will get daily when you log in – and to us, that’s kind of smart. Curiosity will cause us to want to unveil these presents! You can get coins, boosters, energy points – and as far as the logic goes, they get better each day, of course!


Daily rewards


Win prizes through Free Spins!

Stuck on a level without coins? This is where free spins come in really useful! This game is really full of prizes hidden in crevices everywhere! You can even watch videos to earn more coins if you’re out of them to move on in the game!


Free Spins


Follow the Missions Board

Apart from navigating the candy wonderland levels, you’ll be assigned a Missions Board that will help you keep track of what you’ve done and what you need to do! It’s not a strict thing to follow, but it’s great to unlock missions and earn the loot that go with them. The thing about most of these missions though, is that they are unlocked unconsciously (who counts 980 blue gems to collect?)! So just play the game fervently and you’re good!




Attempt Daily Challenges

Get more rewards by playing the daily challenges! These challenges are unique and different from the level challenges! If your level stages are not easy or hard enough, take a break with the Daily Challenges and try out all sorts of varied puzzles!


Daily Challenge

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