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You are alone and your castle is under siege by the hordes of the dark worlds. Creatures and monster of evil march toward you and aim to destroy your castle and the people within. As a wizard, you alone have the power to defeat the encroaching monsters and send them back into the abyss. Select an avatar from different wizard tropes, and unlock powerful spells that will aid you against the evil horde marching towards your castle walls.


Upgrade your basic abilities. Increase your strength to deal more damage, your health to withstand the punishing blows of ogres, and even your critical chances to instantly take out heavy targets. Each level increases in difficulty, so plan well how you will upgrade and what spells you will bring to the defense. Otherwise, you may not live to reach the next wave.


Castle Defense Game Features, Cheats & Hacks:

High-fantasy meets vintage arcade game. Castle Defense promises to give you best of both worlds by giving you that nostalgic feel of what the classic game was while at the same time blending with the high-fantasy gameplay that allows you to play as a powerful wizard defending your castle. If you want to know more about its awesome features, just read on below:


Missile Command Meets The Lord of The Rings

A high-fantasy take on a beloved arcade classic. Castle Defense plays very similar to the old school game, Missile Command, from the golden era of arcade cabinet machines.



You are tasked with defending your castle against an endless horde of creatures and monsters that march toward your castle walls. If they get past your defenses and reach the walls, you only have a limited amount of health to withstand them before they breach the castle walls. You are a wizard, one of four selectable heroes. Armed with your mystical powers you can fire at the encroaching enemy from the tower and unlock powerful spells that can freeze, delay, or even instantly destroy the enemy.


Upgrade and Unlock Spells

Between each stage, you are given a chance to upgrade your spells. Select from a range of attributes to increase the overall damage, speed, health, and even knockback capability of your basic attacks.



Upgrade your tower to unlock potent spells that can take out multiple enemies in a single blast, freeze them where they stand, and many other effects that will give you an edge against the onslaught of the evil creatures.


Evil Grows With Each Stage

With each new stage, the number and difficulty of the creatures begin to increase. From bats to ogres and other monstrosities at many later stages, you will have to keep your wits about you and plan your upgrades accordingly.



With some monsters having large health pools, will you focus on increasing your overall damage output or try to unlock spells that can target multiple enemies at once?


Special Staff and Robe Combinations

Getting past later stages will help you unlock special staffs and robes that have a wide range of effects that will aid you in destroying multiple enemies and even more powerful creatures.



Use spread shots and other effects to add more power behind every basic attack. Remember though, that your enemy also gets stronger with each stage. Multiple combinations and much tougher monsters will appear as you progress, and their health with also increase making seemingly weaker monsters more potent when mixed in with powerful creatures.


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