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Think you are a chess prodigy? Want to take on the ranks of the grandmasters? Chess Challenges by Ravamatic will really put your brain in a twist with mind-boggling chess puzzles that are not for the inexperienced minds. Brain teasers are one thing, but this game goes way beyond. These advanced chess puzzles are not for the beginner mind, a basic understanding of chess is no help at all.


You will need to understand much more advanced strategies and really think hard about each puzzle. Thank goodness there is no time limit otherwise this game is totally not suitable for anyone who is not a professional. Not to say that this game is not fun, Chess Challenges is great for clever minds who want to really get their brain juices going. Warning though, frustration and depression are potential side effects.


Chess Challenges Features:

A chess game is first and foremost, a mental game. For new players not to get overwhelmed by the game’s brain power requirements, Chess Challenges offsets it with a whimsical aesthetic that will surely put you at ease whenever you play the game. Check out below to find more fantastic features:


Whimsical Cartoons Soften the Blow

No one likes being told they are not as clever as they think they are. Chess Challenges softens the blow of realizing that you are of average intelligence with whimsical chess pieces and light-hearted colorful chess boards.



Kings are actual kings and so are pawns, queens, bishops, and even the knights look like grandeur horses. Watch the king sweat as he gets checked, then have him locked up when you get a checkmate. The cartoony animation is clean and fluid, taking off some of the pressure from the mind-boggling, brain-twisting challenges.


If You Think You Know Chess, Think Again

It is one thing to play chess, it is a whole other matter to get thrown into the end of a game where the goal is to mate in 3 moves or less. The difference between figuring out a strategy in the middle compared to making up strategies all on your own is surprisingly large.



Chess masters are known to see several moves ahead, they can even foresee the potential moves of their opponent. That would be a pretty neat skill, then this game would be a walk in the park. And yet, what is nice is that Chess Challenges brings the complexity of chess to regular folks like us.


Get To The King

It is cute that you have to solve puzzless to finish a puzzle. The overall goal is to get to the enemy king by taking down his castle tower. But in order to do so, you have to take down the tower brick by brick using bombs and other explosives gained when you complete a puzzle level.



Earn the bombs and explosives to blow up bricks of the enemy king’s castle when you complete a chess puzzle. Levels are based on the size of each tower brick. A small brick is a puzzle where you need to mate in 1, medium-sized bricks need you to mate in 2, and large bricks need to mate in 3.


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