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Arcade games such as Color Element are the ones that you won’t give up on. Once you realize you made a mistake and the game is over, you’d immediately try again, and again, and again—that’s how addicting this game is.


This unblocked game follows the principle of Flappy Bird where the mechanics are as simple as tapping the screen or tapping the mouse to make the tiny ball jump and pass through an obstacle (which is actually moving). Aside from that, the obstacles are colored so that the ball can only pass through in the same-colored portion of the obstacle. This is where the saying Practice makes perfect comes in handy! This game would surely leave you restless until you get the rhythm of the game.


Be careful that the ball matches the color of the moving obstacle, one wrong move and it’s over! Are you ready to get hooked?


Here are our favorite features:


Vibrant Graphics

The colorful graphics justified the name of the game! Vibrant colors are easily seen so it’s easy for you to match the ball’s color to the obstacle! The mechanics are very simple, just tap your mouse and let it bounce! Watch as the obstacles change colors and shape as you bounce through all of them. Increase the brightness and you’ll get the best experience while playing the game!

Level Up!

Just when you think it won’t get better than the last obstacle you faced, this game got you covered! For every 100 hard-earned stars, you get to open a new level that would continue to challenge you with every ounce of your patience. You’ll probably meet your worst enemy. One of the hardest ones are the circles with multiple hands where you need to wait for the colors to align. So beware of those sneaky obstacles. Another is the obstacle with a revolving cross of different colors. It’s always a challenge to try to make it pass.

Waiting Game

Waiting is such a hard thing to do, isn’t it? It’s surely something that you’d rather not do. Well, heads up! This game requires you to extend your patience. Remember to wait for the right timing to go through the obstacle! Also, wait for the right color to come up and pass through the obstacle or else you’ll find yourself smashing it with the wrong color. Can’t wait to play it? Let’s go!


No Time Limit

While it is encouraged to wait for the right timing, take your time to appreciate the fact that this is a game with no time limit! No pressure! Take your time going through each shape. After all, they say good things come to those who wait!


Tap It

The key to getting the right timing is also to get the right tapping! While waiting, you don’t want to tap too fast just to end up smashing the obstacle before the right color comes up. Aim to tap in a constant level while waiting, and tap faster when passing through the obstacle. Not so fast though! You might end up running into the other side before the right color comes back.


Take A Break

Just when you thought you’ll get past your highest score, you tapped too fast and lost the game! Let me tell you it’s frustrating! You may find yourself wanting to throw your monitor from the desk but also hitting the restart button to play again. If that’s the case, you need to take a break! As much as you would want to try it one more time, I suggest you stop and take a deep breath! Stepping away for a little while could improve your focus and your finger tapping skills! While taking a break, you can check out other arcade games like Bubble Shooter HD and Forest Match!

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