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Cookie Crush 3 Play Free Games on Gameslol

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From the makers of Cookie Crush and Cookie Crush 2, here comes Cookie Crush 3 bringing the same game that everybody loved! Who says cookies are only after a meal? Visit Cookie Crush 3 and crush cookies whenever you want! It’s up online so just slip it into your browser and have fun!


We thought Cookie Crush 2 goes well with the saying love is sweeter the second time around, but right now, love is sweetest the third time because, in Cookie Crush 3, everything is the same except better! Enjoy the sweet treats, the cute designs and the new addition of challenges as you journey through each level. Get better as you match the cookies and earn cool prizes. Just don’t forget to complete the required task and you’re already in it to win it! No time limits mean no need to rush, so just sit back, relax and eat a cookie!


Here are our favorite features:


More Adventures!

It’s always good to be back and Home Sweet Home has never been sweeter! Feast your eyes with this game’s delicious treats ready to welcome you. From cupcakes and candies to cookies and cakes, you’ll never get enough of this! Together with Gingy, the friendly gingerbread man, journey through the land of sweets entailing 700 new levels and challenges to test your skills! Win as much gingerbread coins and treasure chests along the way!


All-time High!

Celebrate your accomplishments! Get ready to make your winning streak and you’ll surely get the reward you deserve! The key is consistency, and when you give it your best shot, you’ll see them paying off. Work on that 3 stars and even more exciting surprises await you! What a sweet treat! Expect additional coins and much more exciting gifts along the way!


Spin It!

Gingy may help and guide you in each level, but more than his help, gingerbread coins are your best friend! Not having enough of this is a real bum! So knowing how it serves its purpose, this game gladly gives it away! Just watch out for the Prize wheel on the side of the map for free spins, and wherever it lands is a sure win– Perfect for those make or break moments. No free spins yet? You can still earn gingerbread coins by taking the time to watch some video clips. Sweet!

Take the Challenge!

Be prepared for new challenges. Cookie Crush 3 would definitely take you to levels you have not experienced before. Breaking chests, ice, and wafers are just a few of what’s readily lined up for you! So take on the challenge and get started now because more of this awaits you! Boosters are also there to give a sweet twist to some heart-pounding tasks. Crush the cookies better with the position switch, hammers and a whole lot more! Test your limits and be the best Cookie Crusher!



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