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Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor


Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor Play Free Games on Gameslol

Play Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor Game | Fun Nail Game for Girls

We all know how girls love to pamper themselves and can take forever in the salon or spa. Ever wonder why? Well, do not refer to Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor because this is obviously not how it is supposed to be. GameiMax, who seem to make mini-games with the styling theme is at it again but this time they are going seasonal with a specially themed game aimed at the beloved October event.


As a nail doctor, you will tackle the prospect of foot care with a Halloween theme. And they do take the title literally, it is quite crazy. Imagine stepping on a pumpkin needle, or germs that are really tiny little colorful monsters which would be quite unsettling.


Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor Game Features:


The Colorful World of Foot Care

If only the real thing was just like this! I imagine a lot of the staff in salons and spas would be pretty happy. After all, there is the potential of encountering a certain client that has less than reputable feet. But then again, it would be kind of awkward to see germs smirking back at you and it makes you wonder how these feet got in such awful shape. Even breaking bones in the toes, which is kind of hard to accomplish.


Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor is not to be taken seriously, in fact, it is the complete polar opposite with bright colored cartoon animations and a spooky Halloween party theme. A stark contrast to many other, more serious medical games that are trying to really immerse you in the world of real-life simulation.



Simple Checklist

Each stage is accompanied by a simple checklist, it is easy to complete after a while. You will be able to quickly catch on to what needs to be done. There are no penalties for missing a step. After all, this was meant to be a game more for amusement than an actual challenge.


Remove splinters and little pumpkin needles that seem animatedly chewing on the toe, kill off the smirking little germs to prevent any infection, and perform some basic first aid to a broken toe. It does make you wonder how the bone would break on a single toe, but going back to how not serious the game is, it is better not to dwell on it.



Enjoy It For What It Is

It is a game to pass the time or just to give some amusement when you are thinking too much. The lack of any real challenge is actually a good thing since there is no pressure. There is no reason for you to get even more frazzled and frustrated than you already are. But most especially for the little ones who are learning the ways of life, Crazy Halloween gives a cute and pleasant take on a more serious matter of personal hygiene. Being mostly lacking specifically feminine themes like nail polish and stuff that has cooties, this is a mini-game that can appeal to both girls and boys.



Ready for some gruesome fun? Then click and play Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor now on your PC! For more fun unblocked games, check out Brain Doctor or you can browse our New Releases here at!

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