Doctor Teeth Play Free Games on Gameslol
Doctor Teeth Play Free Games on Gameslol

Play Doctor Teeth Online for Free | Free Online Dental Games

Thinking of becoming a dentist someday? Want to experience doing different dental operations? Wait no more for Doctor Teeth is here, ready for you to play it online for free.


Doctor Teeth is an exciting educational game wherein you become a dentist and treat patients that have a variety of mouth ailments. Before treating them, you must first review their case and prepare the necessary equipment needed in order for the operation to be successful. Follow the instructions well and check the required task carefully. Make sure you accomplish everything so your patients are treated well. Play this fun interactive dental game under time pressure.


There’s no time to waste, your patients need you! Click & play Doctor Teeth now for free on PC!



Doctor Teeth Game Features:


Great Gameplay

Doctor Teeth presents a great gameplay to its audiences. Having great sounds and graphics to accompany it, this game will surely be addicting to most of us. Become a dentist and treat your patients as quick as possible. Be sure to check all of the tasks and make sure to finish them so your patients will go home well and satisfied. Moreover, the game gives its users a true to life experience since it allows you to use different kinds of dental equipment when you are undergoing an operation. Besides from cleaning teeth, you also get to extract cavities and remove unwanted plaques. The game also has some mini-games in it like solving puzzles. Make sure you treat your patients before time runs out!



Learn Dentistry

Doctor Teeth caters to all ages, young or old. This offers a great experience about what it’s like to become a dentist. For the young ones, this game answers the kids’ curiosity about what it’s like to become a dental surgeon and can even inspire them to become a dentist someday in the future! Experience doing surgeries and have a better idea on how to perform specific operations to treat patients. For the old ones, it gives a real-life experience doing surgeries. Relax and unwind while helping your patients with their dental problems. You will get to learn some new dentistry knowledge through various procedures in this fun game.



Simple And Easy

Despite the complexity of becoming a dental surgeon, the game gives a step by step guide when you are conducting an operation. Instructions are easy to follow so don’t worry about failing and ruining the surgery. Just follow the instructions well and finish it on time and you’re good to go. And if ever you don’t succeed you can easily play the game again and be better the next time around.  Do multiple operations and never give up whenever you fail!


Hard To Resist

With the multiple equipment and operations that you can do and the various dental ailments that you can treat, this game will surely be hard to resist. The game itself is very entertaining that you will never get tired of playing it, doing surgeries as a doctor maybe but not for this game. All you have to do is sit, follow the instructions, and use your dental equipment to treat your patients.



Challenge your friends and become the best dentist in your group! Your patients are waiting for you to treat them! So what are you waiting for? Click & Play Doctor Teeth now online on PC for free! For similar unblocked games, check out Brain Doctor or you can browse our New Releases here at!

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