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Combine Animal Genes and Create New Doodle Creatures | Click and Play Online for Free!

From a celestial being to a mad geneticist, armed with the technological wonder of a genetic scanner, break down animals to their primary genes and reuse it to discover a wide variety of new creatures. From small insects to birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even massive sea creatures. There are so many combinations to discover. Even if you miss out on a discover, unlock mutants you can keep in a jar and obtain gene blocks from them every few minutes.


There are over a hundred animals to discover from fourteen categories like small birds, domestic animals, amphibians or reptiles, rodents, and even mystical creatures. Combine a bear with the colorful gene for a panda, a kiwi with the swimming gene, and many more possibilities.


Doodle Creatures Game Features:


A Mix of Logic and Creativity

Joybits has had a pretty good history in puzzle and logic unblocked games, especially with their first hits: Doodle God and Doodle Devil. So it is only logical to continue the mix and match gameplay with a new edition in Doodle Creatures. Although a slightly different take on the alchemy gameplay, Doodle Creature places you as a geneticist with a machine that can break down animals into their primary gene blocks then combine it with others to make new animals.



No Wasted Genes, Just Mutants

Even with so many potential combinations, there is always a chance to not get something new out of the mix. Even so, it is not a complete waste. Incomplete combinations will result in the creation of a mutant with the specific gene. Place the mutant in a jar and get the relevant gene block after a set number of minutes that you can use to make even more combinations. Discover more of the mutant to increase the gene generation capacity. You can even upgrade the jar for even better generation of the gene block.



Unlock More Potential

Gene blocks have limited use, so if you want to speed things up all you need to do is unlock more scanner slots. It is much more efficient to unlock the scanner slots than to speed up scanning, with up to nine total scanners you can really get those gene blocks as quick as you can combine them.



Some Things Are Not So Obvious

There is a real challenge, in Doodle Creatures if you like logic puzzles. Although be prepared for some weirdness as some animal discoveries are not exactly obvious. Considering there are thousands of actual animal species out there in the real world, it does make you think which ones are included and how to get there. A lot of the animals are obvious like the chicken, a cat, dog, lion, and whale. But then there is the kiwi, shrimp, monitor lizard, horsefly. Not to mention the mystical creatures like the unicorn, sea dragon, and wyvern. Even so, the challenge is great and the sense of accomplishment for a discovery.



Click and play Doodle Creatures unblocked online on your PC for free! If you liked this game, you can also check out Monster Legends – RPG!

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