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Farm Blocks 10×10 Play Free Games on Gameslol

Farm Blocks 10x10 Online | Block Games Online

Block puzzle games have been slowly taking over the puzzle genre for quite a while now as if it’s the reincarnation of Tetris with a twist. Farm Blocks is an alternative block game that uses cute farm themes!


Unlike Tetris, Farm Blocks 10×10 does not include any difficulty level, block speed or any pressure on build-ups. All you have to do is to fill up at least one row or column with blocks to get a score.


Whenever you score, your cow will be happy and will even let out a cute MOO! Do more than once and you’ll get double points and more. It’s a game where you can sit back, relax, and just strategize at your own will.


Play Farm Blocks 10×10 now for free online only!


Farm Blocks Game Online Features:

A block puzzle game that will not only challenge your smarts but is also relaxing? You read that right, and Farm Blocks 10×10 is that game. Having cute blocks to match together actually makes the game more entertaining. Learn more fun features of the game by reading below:


Relaxing Just Like Farm Games

There is no pressure found here in Farm Blocks – no timer, no block build-up speeds, no concern for getting overwhelmed by the massive piles of blocks.


You still have to think about every move you make but that isn’t very difficult in this game. Free block games such as this one are usually pressuring but for Farm Blocks 10×10, that isn’t the case. In fact, it encourages you to play this game if you want to relax and relieve yourself from stress.


When we played this game ourselves, we found it very comforting to play while drinking a nice cup of coffee, listening to jazz music, all while clearing out rows and columns full of blocks to eliminate.


There’s only one game mode here and it’s the only game mode you need. There are no fast arcade stages or challenge modes at all – it’s a simple plug-and-play system that’s good for anyone who just wants a laid-back casual game.


Cute Farm-Themed Blocks to Match Together

Some block shapes are very similar to Tetris but a lot of them are blocks we’ve never seen before: a single block, L-shapes filled with 5 blocks vertically and 5 blocks horizontally, a whole stick that’s made of 10 blocks, and a 9-block square that will either result in a disaster for your game or a lifesaver to fill up lots of empty space.


There are always the classic tetraminos to find in the game such as 4-block squares, small L-shapes, T-shapes, 5-block sticks and the Z and S-shapes (which we still find annoying to this day).



Textbook Block Puzzle Scoring

If you’ve played lots of block puzzle games, then this one won’t be any different; you get a point for clearing out a column and a multiplier if you happen to clear two or more rows or columns at the same time.


It’s going to take a while before you can master the art of puzzle multipliers but you’ll get there. All you need is to be familiarized with the shapes and a bit of prayer hoping that the next set of shapes will be the ones to save you from an imminent game over.



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