Finders Critters Play Free Games on Gameslol
Finders Critters Play Free Games on Gameslol

Play Finders Critters Puzzle Game Today | Enjoy this Online Game on PC

The Finders Critters online puzzle game has three tiny little jelly critters in need of saving. They happen to get stuck between blocks that prevent them from going back home. Your little friends can’t find their way back so your job now is to save them and send them back home by simply knocking out the blocks. When you knock out the blocks, they will come together again causing another mishap. You need to think wisely then whenever you have to eliminate the blocks or else, you might block the way and the adorable critters may never find their way back home.


Are you ready to take on the challenge and play Finders Critters puzzle game online? Play this game today and get the chance to be a hero for these little critters!



Finders Critters Online Puzzle Game Features:


Adorable Colorful Graphics 

It’s a given that you will surely enjoy the graphics of this mini-game when you play Finders Critters since it features a beautiful 3D animation. The colors are bright and vivid which is a great opportunity for you to teach your younger kids about colors as well! Talk about multi-tasking! With superb animation and graphics, there is no way you’re not going to love playing this online puzzle game. The sound effects of Finders Critters are absolutely entertaining too, thus giving you an online game that will make you stay in your chair for quite some time.



Educational Strategy Game

Finders Critters puzzle game is definitely a mind-boggling game. It really challenges you to think of how you can save the little adorable critters. Although the game is simple enough to play, the levels pose different challenges. When you remove an entire row of blocks, the rest of the blocks will move to the left. This may either help you create more matches or possibly ruin any matches you have prior to the movement. This is where strategic gaming comes into play.


In addition to moving the blocks, you also have to know that the fewer moves you make, the better the chances of getting a higher score. So take a break and play your blocks well before popping them! In Finders Critters online game, you’ll learn how to calculate your moves and even shorten your game, if necessary. This is a perfect game for kids as it challenges them to think and come up with strategies. It’s the type of game you’d like to have your kids play because it’s educational and fun at the same time.



30 Levels of Challenging Puzzle Mini Game

The game has 30 levels of challenging block games. Finders Critters puzzle game is pretty intense once you get to the intermediate levels of the game. You can also get special blocks that blast surrounding blocks away as you play this online game. Overall, the game has multiple levels that are all challenging yet fun and entertaining. Every time you get a critter back on track, the more rewarding it would be to play this awesome mini-game!



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