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If collecting is your kind of style, then sit back and relax because this unblocked game vevo is for you. Get lost in the riches of the Forest as you pave the way to your success. Collect all the goodies from berries to flowers, and mushrooms– Everything awaits you! It is much more exciting because now, it’s just one click away!


In Forest Match, good vision is a key to see the things you need to collect! Like Aquablitz from under the sea, and Candy Rain 5 from the candy land, collecting in Forest Match requires to match 3 or more identical Forest icons. That way you collect and complete the required task as well as earn coins and even get wild line crushers to help you win! What’s even more fun is it does not give the time pressure, so there’s no need to rush, just enjoy it!


Just follow the tracks and you’ll find yourself in the middle of the forest enjoying the beautiful and colorful designs of the game. Never a dull moment, because different challenges are ready to test your matching skills. So the more you stay, the more you unlock boosters that would help you complete the missions.


Now go grab your baskets, and let’s start the game!

Here are our favorite features:


Trail Map

I’m sure getting lost in the forest is the least in your bucket list. Spooky trees and scary trails scream danger. However, this game is the complete opposite, so no doubt, it would give you the cutest map in the forest with the cutest trails and graphics. This is good not only for the adults but for kids as well! Not only that but this map will update you if there are boosters you can get along the way– what a catch! Get ready to see mushrooms, treehouse, and pine trees welcoming you to your tracks. Journey through the different levels and expose the riches of the forest as you collect different produce and treasures.



Aim High!

The game makes sure you give it your best shot and you’ll see them paying off. That’s why the game includes a scale that allows you to see how much more you need to work on to get that 3 stars. Not satisfied yet? It also allows you to retry until you get that 3-stars. One thing you need to know is that this game follows the logic that every hard work pays off and so it’s only natural to give gifts and rewards. What a way to get that motivation high on the roof! Expect additional coins and much more exciting gifts along the way!



Perfect Attendance!

Not satisfied with how you played the game yesterday? Well, no need to fuss because you can still play it today! Plus, amazing rewards await you! Think of anything that could help you in the game, we got that wrapped in a gift for you! Who knows this could be your lucky day, you can get boosters, chests, and coins by just opening the game! What are you waiting for?


Spin It!

Coins are vital things you need to get going in the game, which also means that losing them could make or break you! (Well not you exactly, unless you’re that invested). Naturally, you can earn them by either winning the games or getting gifts, but there’s also a bigger chance of getting lost and stuck in a level that could leave you hopeless. Well, worry not because you can take the chance and hope for the best (fingers crossed!) with the Prize Wheel. What a giveaway! Who knows what those extra coins could do to save you in the game and continue on your quest. Otherwise, you can click on buttons that allow you to watch videos that could give extra coins as well!



Are you up for the Challenge?

Boring is not in the vocabulary of this game because each level gives you a brand new take on matching and collecting. This game makes sure that you would be left on the edge of your seats desperately wanting to finish a level. Cute graphics does not always mean easy, so get ready to up your game! Play the game online for free now! Try out other matching games such as Gardenscapes and Homescapes too!

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