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Fox Adventurer Play Free Games on Gameslol

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If you love playing interactive maze games, then this one is definitely for you. Help Mr. Fox as he takes on an adventure through the dangerous and mysterious forest. Guide him as he collects gems and keys to enter chamber to chamber without him getting hurt.


Fox Adventurer is an interactive maze game that is divided into multiple levels. Mr. Fox moves automatically on his own and you must switch between day and night for him to successfully collect gems. Also, use the jump button to make him jump and reach collectibles. Purple platforms can be only passed through during daytime while blue platforms are passable during night time. You must make sure that you collect all three gems as well as the gold key for Mr. Fox to successfully and safely traverse from different chambers in the forest.


Unlock as many levels as you can and challenge your friends to unveil the secrets of this mysterious forest. Help Mr. Fox lead his way. Click and Play Fox Adventurer Now Free for PC!



Fox Adventurer Game Features:


Interactive Gameplay

Fox Adventurer is a very interactive gameplay which is suitable for young ages who are just starting to work on their imaginations. Help Mr. Fox through the forest through your imagination and creativity. There is no single solution, you have to think critically in order to come up with your own strategy to get all three gems as wells as the golden key for Mr. Fox to get through the doors.



Simple Yet Fun

The simple gameplay that Fox Adventurer presents makes it easy for everyone to play it. Mr. Fox moves on his own and you just have to use three buttons. The first one is for the purple and blue platforms, for you to switch between day and night. Second, is for the boxes that you can put anywhere to reach gems or keys at a greater height. Lastly, the jump button for Mr. Fox to reach for collectibles on his own. All solutions are acceptable as long as you get all three gems and the golden key. The possibilities are endless which makes the game fun and exciting. With that said, users will never get bored playing this game since new things and ideas come up in every new level that you face.



Challenging Levels

Fox Adventurer has numerous levels for you to unlock. Playing the game itself won’t make you feel as if it was a routine since new and challenging obstacles come up as you unlock higher levels and get better at the game. These levels are repeatable for as much as you want so don’t worry if you’re stuck in a level. There are two keys to succeed in this game. One is to this use your imagination and to think out of the box. Another one is practice, just keep on repeating and repeating until you’re able to unlock the next level. The game doesn’t account for how much you played a specific level so don’t worry, as long as you finish it you’re good to go.


Challenge your friends now and unlock as many levels as you can! Click & Play Fox Adventurer Free Online for PC Now! For more exciting Adventure Games like this one, check out and download Subway Surfers on your PC! Or you can play more online unblocked games like Iceberg and Flow Mania!

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