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Return to the world where might and magic rules. Guns n Glory has always been titled as one of the best tower defense games and now it’s back with a more simplified formula and more emphasis on its main protagonists; Guns n Glory Heroes is a mix of tower defense, real-time strategy and MOBA.


You get to play as 3 different heroes: Knight, Berserker, and Mage. Each of them has their own unique powers that, when combined together, create powerful spells onto the horde of orcs and legions of dragons. This deadly alliance of the kingdom is the saving grace of the people and they will not stop until all their enemies are dead.


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Guns n Glory Features:

Mixing different types of games, Guns n Glory has everything for every gamer out there. The game also allows you to choose from three characters to play with allowing you to flex your imagination even further. To know more features about the game, read on below:


A Mix of Classic RTS, MOBA, and Tower Defense

There are only a few games out there that mix the essentials of a top-down camera game. One of these few games is Guns n Glory Heroes. Why focus on one type of genre when you can have all 3 of them jam-packed into a fast-paced strategy game that’s fun for any player whether casual or hardcore!


Guns n Glory Heroes has RTSReal-Time Strategy wherein you get to decide where to place your troops and units while micromanaging other stuff like resources, upgrades, and defenses, all while doing combat.



It also has MOBA elements – taken from the pages of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(minus the Multiplayer) where you get to control one to three types of heroes that you will use for combat and invest to upgrade them to become more powerful in the long run of the game.


Guns n Glory Heroes is mainly a tower defense game – where your ultimate goal, besides keeping your heroes alive, is to prevent waves of enemies from destroying or entering your main base. If it is destroyed it is game over for you.


The Power of 3

Play as the Knight, the Berserker, and the Mage – each of which with their own unique powers to stop the waves of enemies from advancing into the base.


The Knight has the heaviest armor that can withstand even groups of enemies over him while delivering medium damage with both a pistol and sword. The Berserker is a dwarf that excels in close combat with a large AoE cannon and a bloody ax. The Mage is an elf deal long-range magic damage using all 4 elements of the earth to do crowd control or direct attacks.



You can also customize their looks with different armors and weapons that have different stat boosts.


Merciless Enemies Await

The enemies will be relentless towards you and will do anything in their power to destroy your kingdom. There’s only 3 of you and thousands of them. All it takes now is the right strategies, the right tools, and the right attitude.



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