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If you like playing puzzles and matching shapes, then this game is for you. Multiple shapes are hanging in the air frozen, and the only way you can unfreeze them is by tapping on them. Broken icebergs are everywhere and they need to be restored. Find a way to rebuild these icebergs by using the different laws of Physics.


Solve the puzzles and make sure to place these shapes accordingly. Think critically in order to put these frozen shapes in place, to restore the iceberg. Do whatever it takes to solve the puzzle and think out of the box for every puzzle that you face. Impress your friends with your distinctive idea to repair the iceberg. Click and play Iceberg online now!



Iceberg Game Features:


True To Life Experience

Iceberg brings a true to life experience to its users by imposing the different laws of Physics to its game. The involvement of Physics to this game is beneficial to its users as they are forced to make their own hypotheses of where the shapes would go when it becomes unfrozen. With the law of Physics applied, the game becomes more challenging. Despite this, it is beneficial to its users since they get to understand Physics in a more interactive way which makes learning easier and fun. This type of game is very helpful to the young ones especially to students who are just beginning to understand Physics. Continuous repetition playing this game will allow students to get a grasp of Physics, and make them become more interested in the said subject which can also be helpful to teachers inside the classroom when lectures are being conducted.



Multiple Levels

Besides the application of Physics which makes the game really challenging, multiple levels are also presented. With 45 levels within the game, it becomes even more challenging. But, do not be afraid since you have numerous chances to solve the puzzle. Chances are unlimited, the only thing you need is to have that determination and will power to solve it. So just repeat and repeat until you get better and better. And, before you know it the game becomes easier to solve.



Easily Understandable

Despite the difficult concept that the game presents, the game is very simple and easily understandable for the users. It can be played by all, young or old. No further instructions are needed just to tap the frozen shapes and it will become unfrozen and fall down to the broken iceberg. The most essential thing to succeed in this game is by thinking critically and thinking in advance. Knowing where the frozen shapes would go will determine your success playing this game.



Easily Accessible

Iceberg is easily accessible online and you don’t have to wait for it to be downloaded. It can be a great time to spend your spare time with and a nice way to improve your critical thinking skills. This is one of the many games wherein you can learn at the same time have fun.


So what are you waiting for? Challenge your friends now and share your ideas to solve challenging Iceberg puzzles. If you liked this free unblocked game, browse our wide selection of puzzle games for you to download or you can check out Aquablitz and Weave the Line!

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