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Click and Play Jelly Bomb Game Online | Free PC Puzzle Games | Read on for Features

If you’re a fan of gummy bears, then you’d definitely love to pop them in this fun logic puzzle called Jelly Bomb unblocked online game. As cute as they may look, you have to explode the gummy bear jellies to clear the table. Use your strategy and analyzing skills to know the desired chain reaction. Once you click on an arrow, it will shoot the jelly near it. Once the jelly explodes, it will shoot and hit the other jellies until all of them are cleared. Are you willing to take up the challenge?


Use your strategy to cause a huge chain reaction! You’ll never run out of fun and challenge because there are so many levels that awaits you. Click and play Jelly Bomb PC game now!


Here are the amazing features of Jelly Bomb game:


Play the Game in 3 Modes

If you’re a beginner of the game, you can start out with the Easy Mode first. Play as many levels and as fast as you can. If you feel confident to start on the Medium Mode, then you can do so. But if you’re an experienced puzzle player, then go all out! Play in Hard Mode and create a massive chain reaction to shoot them all.



Many Levels to Play From

If you want to play as much as you want, don’t worry! Jelly Bomb has enough room for more levels. Play in Easy, Medium and Hard with more than 20 levels each! You can always go back to each level too and play the levels again.


It Gets More Complicated

If you’re looking for games to play that have simple gameplay but complicated levels, Jelly Bomb free unblocked game is a good start for you. It gets complicated as you complete each level from easy to hard. It’s a great game if you want to use your logic and analytical skills. It’s time to start popping all those cute jellies!


Can You Clear the Table with One Try?

When playing in the Easy Mode, this is an obvious yes. But can you clear the table with one try in the Medium and Hard Mode? Challenge yourself and complete the puzzle. It doesn’t have a time requirement, so can you think of a strategic way to clear all the jellies? Let’s find out and play the game.



Make Those Small Jellies Bigger and Pop Them!

You will find smaller jellies as the levels progress. They won’t pop unless you fill them with jelly drops. Click the small jellies twice to make them bigger, and then click one last time to make them pop. Their jelly drops will hit other jellies, creating a chain reaction that will clear the table. Of course, you should also plan which jelly you should pop.



What are you waiting for? Click and play Jelly Bomb for free here at! For more fun games like this, check out Block Puzzle Jewel or Bubble Shooter HD!

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