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Play Monster Blocks Online Puzzle Game | Learn Tips to This Classic Brick Game with a Monster Twist

If you love the classic brick games of back in the day, you are going to find that Monster Blocks is a game that brings back the nostalgia in a simple no-frills package. Keeping it simple is a how you would enjoy this arcade puzzle by EasySoft, match up the colors and keep it going for as long as you can. Time is literally gold in this game as you have to race against the dwindling clock. You get to spawn some time bonuses when you make a combination. Better combinations will result in spawning time bonuses with higher ratings. But at the same time, it can also get in the way of clearing the board. You will need fast fingers and even quicker wits to get a high score in this classic game.


Monster Blocks Game Features:


Cute Does Not Last For Long

The premise is very simple, anyone can get into it. And with colorful monsters that are on the cute side rather than the horrific side, it is perfect for kids as well. But that will not last very long. Time Attack is the most basic game mode, and it is quite a challenge no matter how experienced you are. Things start out slow, but you are going to be quickly overwhelmed if you do not keep your wits about you. Matching combos get you time bonuses, and there are a few other powerups that you can get at random. Honestly, it can become a bit confusing if these powerups and bonuses are actually meant to help or hinder.



Keep Calm and Monster Blocks

The point of the game is to match the colorful monster blocks with three or more. But things can easily get in the way, other than the restrictive time limit. The pressure will build fast when the tower begins to rise. With the dwindling time and things getting in the way, getting a potential match combination can be unnerving.


An additional challenge is when the colored blocks start to pile up. As if five colors were not yet complicated enough, once you reach a certain score they add a new monster color to the mix and then you are really in a pickle. It makes you wonder if the name is because the game blocks are in the shape of colorful monsters, or because they have a monstrous tendency to make life difficult for you. The monsters literally block you!



They Come From Below

If you are struggling to make matches during the game, you will notice that there are monsters gathering at the bottom row, slightly off the board, then creep up slowly. If you do not get a match or combination before they have all gathered into a row, the monster blocks will push up from the bottom. This will obviously add a lot more pressure since space becomes much smaller. The trick is to keep making matches and you will see the monsters drop away.  Make combination matches and you can clear them all away and prevent the whole board from climbing up higher.



So what are you waiting for? Click and Play Monster Blocks Now For Free on PC. If you liked this unblocked game, browse our wide selection of puzzle games or you can check out Aquablitz and Weave the Line!

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