Monster Nail Doctor Play Free Games on Gameslol
Monster Nail Doctor Play Free Games on Gameslol

Monster Nail Doctor Is So Disgusting Yet Fun | Click and Play Online on your PC!

Monsters have issues too, and not just personal problems but they do have a certain amount of hygiene to consider. After all, walking around the swamps and sewers in your bare feet can be really taxing. Not to mention dangerous, imagine all the guck and stuff you can step on. GameiMax takes what would be a disgusting idea and gives it a cute and cuddly spin on it. Monster Nail Doctor places you in the predicament of treating monster feet that seem to have been through quite some trouble.


It is very amusing how something totally disgusting and gross if you really think about it, could actually be quite fun. Take off splinters, kill off mischievous germs, and slap on a cute monster band-aid in an accessible and fun unblocked mini-game.


Monster Nail Doctor Game Features:


Cute and Disgusting

There are games for almost everything out there like bus or truck driving simulators, and even a hilarious goat simulator. Of course, there is also a fair share of surgeon simulators and other medical related video games. So why not a game that simulates being a doctor for monsters? Break out your medical kit filled with cute monster tools and start the process of healing on monstrous feet that have been through a lot of pain. You will have to handle germs, splinters, cuts and bruises and many other ailments that a monster foot would encounter.



Complete the Checklist

Happy feet for a happy monster! Get these monstrous feet healed up and good to go by completing the medical procedures on a handy-dandy checklist. But first, you need to clean up with some water and dry it off with a towel before you start with the nitty-gritty stuff. Inject the monster foot with anesthesia, drill away some parasitic germs, and even look for broken bones with an x-ray and set it straight. Clean up cuts and wipe off the blood from a broken toenail before you bandage it up.



Amusingly Simple

There is no high score, or a time limit, or any other special game mechanic other than the different cute and cuddly medical devices you get to play with. Obviously aimed at a much younger player base, and yet somehow oddly amusing for more mature audiences. Everything is just colorful including the four different monster feet you get to work on. Pick one and get to work.  Even the tools are kind of amusing to look at since they all seem to have their own personality.



Get a Monstrous High Five

At the end of the procedure, you get an exciting high five. There is a mini-game within the mini-game where there are balloons of a certain color. But otherwise, it is more of a celebratory aftermath. There really is no complicated challenge and you will quickly memorize the medical checklist, but at the end of it all, there is still lots of fun to be had, especially the inner child in all of us will get some glee from Monster Nail Doctor.



Click and play Monster Nail Doctor now on your PC for free! For more funtastic unblocked games, check out Brain Doctor or you can browse our New Releases here at!

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