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My Little City Play Free Games on Gameslol

My Little City Free Online Matching Game | Play Online Free

Dream big and look high! Think bigger as you build your own little city. Hats up and get ready because this unblocked mini-game is now up online and is accessible in your own PC!


In My Little City, towers, high-rise buildings, houses and a lot more await you as you supply them with the proper materials they need! Make sure you check the task required by matching out 3 or more of the same materials and in return, you get rewards and treasures! If you enjoy match 3 games, do check out other games like Cookie Crush 3 and Candy Rain 5. Aim high because special gifts await those who earned 3 stars in each level! Look forward to exciting and challenging levels as well. Each level will be rated on how well you matched stones, windows, water, electricity, and more.


The more you play My Little City, the more you will complete your construction and expand your properties! Unlock boosters that would help you complete the missions! Heads up and fix your eyes, because our own little city awaits you.


Here are our favorite features:


Blueprint on Hand

Take a look at the map of your very own city! Take your part in building it with your best skillset—matching! The city’s map gives a clear direction on plans for the city. High hopes that as you journey through the different levels and learn the materials needed to build the city, you would enjoy and have fun too!


Dream Big, Aim High!

Be consistent in getting tasks done and earn as many 3-star levels as possible. If you do, you will be rewarded with exclusive gifts! Not only that fun surprises and incentives are just around the corner! That way, you can build an outstanding city and follow through with the plans! What motivation!


Spin your Luck!

Building a city is one way of investing money but money is limited. While money is limited, letting you get stuck is surely not part of the blueprint. So we got you covered! Earn coins the easiest way– the Prize Wheel! Not only do you get coins to get you through tough times, it also allows you to maximize the boosters! Spin the wheel and make sure to cross your fingers real tight. Not enough spins? Readily available videos are there to get you through this time!


Check that Task

Do you like ticking to-do lists? This is a fun way of doing it! The game gives you tasks to accomplish at every level. This is to make sure you have the right materials. So keep track of the things you need to accomplish to follow your success plan. Completing the task is already half of the whole blueprint! Just make sure to watch out for them on the top part of the screens at every level.



Boost your Skill

The more you unlock levels, the more you unlock boosters as well! Get ready to use different tools like sledgehammers, dynamite, and paint bombs to help you get your tasks done—and of course get those 3 stars! Use them wisely though because you only get to use them for free three times. The next time you use it, you’ll have to pay for it.


Limited Moves

Each level only gives a limited number of moves. One reason why you could fail a level is that you run out of moves for that level. Be extra careful to finish the tasks and accomplish more with just one move! Aim for the row and column crushers that instantly wipes the whole line. Also, be alert in matching 5 similar icons in a row. This could give you special powers to win those 3 stars. Otherwise, when everything else fails, use a booster to boost up your performance!


Challenge Accepted

Take a break from your usual play! Try out the daily challenge and get a chance to win more! Aside from the usual challenges per level, this takes on a twist and allows you to explore more of the game. Give it your best shot because this means more rewards and surprises!

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