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If you love playing Tap the Frog, then you shouldn’t be missing this game. Paint the Frog and Tap the Frog came from the same game developer, Playmous. Surely, this game won’t let you down and will keep you playing it for long hours. Tons of levels and numerous rankings are included, match frog colors under a nail-biting time pressure.

Welcome, painters. Get you and your paint brushes ready because we’re about to get messy. Gear up your creativity for this one of a kind game. Paint the Frog is a simple yet exciting game wherein you match frog colors under a nail-biting time pressure.
Improve your matching skills, and go chase as much score as you can. Only the sky is the limit. Challenge your friends, maximize collecting coins and work your way towards becoming the greatest artists you’ve ever dreamt of.
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Paint the Frog Game Features:

If you like to paint and enjoy looking at frogs then Paint the Frog is just the mini-game for you. Providing you with fun from start to finish and a sure way to test your hand and eye coordination. More on these great features down below so read on:



Non-stop Fun

Paint the Frog has numerous levels and becomes more challenging as you get better. This never ending game will surely keep you playing it for hours. Every level is new and you’ll never get tired of matching frog colors under a nerve-racking time pressure. Moreover, it has a ranking system that will challenge you to your core. So every time you get beat down by the time pressure you’re sure will get back up. Are you up for the challenge of getting the best score in your group?



Simple and Fast

This game is great for people who just want to chill and have no idea where to spend their leisure time. The game is simple and fast, you just click and play. The simplicity of this game makes it suitable for all age groups, young or old. Moreover, the game is easily understandable and instructions for playing the game are plain and simple. You just have to tap and match the colors.


Hand-Eye Coordination

Paint the Frog game is also the perfect game for improving your hand-eye coordination. The game involves matching frog colors under time pressure so you have to observe and tap quickly in order to earn as many coins as you can and work your way to beating your friends’ best scores. This type of game is suitable for athletes, gamers, or ordinary people who are just simply looking for activities to improve their hand-eye coordination. Moreover, hand-eye coordination is a life-long skill and is important especially for the growth and development of children.



Great Sounds and Graphics

Most people won’t notice the importance of games having great sounds and graphics, but it is usually the foundation of the game, and it is what makes the game attractive. It is the simple things that count the most. Paint the Frog presents great sounds and graphics that is eye-catching especially for the young ones. The sound and graphics that it provides will keep you playing it for long hours. Having great sounds and graphics are very important since these will dictate the enjoyment of the gamers.


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