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Remember flappy bird? Well this time, the bird does not fly. Join Duckie in collecting the coins and help him with his way by pressing the spacebar every time he lands the blue and red turning points. Now, you can play this addictive unblocked mini-game on your browser even as you surf the net!


Tap away with Duckie in Tap & Go! It’s a fun and entertaining arcade game featuring a runner duck. The controls are simple. Just tap on the spacebar to change the direction of your duck and avoid the obstacles! With just one control button, you will be able to play this endless runner game! Although the game seems easy to play, it’s actually quite hard to master. As you proceed in the game, the speed of the duck will become faster and the tracks will start disappearing. It’s a test of focus and reaction. Beware of the twists and turns along the way. One wrong move and it will be game over!


Once you start, it’s really hard to stop! Compete with your friends and try it now!


Here are our favorite features:


Cute graphics

The simple and cute graphics make you think the game is an easy win! Well, it is, perhaps after getting yourself some time of getting used to it. A couple of times, you would have to practice the right timing in tapping the spacebar, otherwise, Duckie will fall off! The color palette suggests a cute theme that could be for both kids and adults!


Tap & Go Play Online Free Game


Try a different one!

Good news! Duckie is not the only avatar you can use! Earn more coins and you get to use the horse, bunny, cat, dog, bear and a whole lot more. These cute avatars are waiting for you to unlock them! So play hard and earn more coins! These cuties will surely help you collect even more coins! What a great motivation to collect them all!


Tap and Go Free Online Game


Aim for the goal!

For this game, the goal is to reach the score 25 straight coins! But this would not come easy. Be prepared to tap right on time to get a better chance of surviving! Surely, expect more of twists and turns of the pathway, as well as jumping obstacles and other things along the way! Get your hopes up because this game sure is exciting!


Tap & Go Free Online Game


Keep moving!

You must have heard this a million times, but really, nothing beats practice! The only way you’ll get better and you beat your highest score is when you keep on trying! You’ll know the ins and outs of the games and you’ll discover new tricks unique to you! Learn from your own mistakes and allow it to be your stepping stone to becoming the best in this game!


Coin Alert!

No one wants too many coins in their pockets ‘cause it simply weighs you down! But after losing one round, you’d probably want all of it now especially if you want that horse or bunny in the game! No need to look for them in your empty pockets because as simple as watching a video clip you earn 25 coins instantly! Don’t hesitate to take some of your time to pause and gain coins! Remember more coins mean more chances of getting the highest score or even beating your previous score!


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