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Tom & Jerry has been around our televisions for decades now and since then it has been a big hit even until now. This duo grew with us together and we made a lot of memories with them too growing up. Surely, we will never forget all of their chasings and fun moments inside the house.


And, who wouldn’t want to join them running everywhere back and forth inside the house? Now you can, with Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze. Fill your tummy and become Jerry as you collect multiple kinds of cheese as you can while working your way in and out of the house by hiding in vases, and corridors, using power-ups and avoiding obstacles such as mousetraps, oil spills, and most especially, Tom.



Challenge your friends and be the fattest Jerry of them all!
So what are you waiting for? Click and Play Tom & Jerry Free for PC Now!


Tom & Jerry Game Features:

The game highlights what we all love about the classic cartoon; its cat-and-mouse chases. Showing a more user-friendly gameplay, Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze will have you learning how the game works in no time! While the gameplay might be easy to learn. Its levels will be challenging and interesting. This will test anyone’s problem-solving skills as they play on. Read on to know more about its awesome features:



Simple Gameplay

Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze provide a simple gameplay wherein anyone would understand and enjoy. The rules are simple, you’re Jerry and you have to collect all the cheese that are scattered inside the room. However, it wouldn’t be that much fun if there were no tricks. As Jerry, you have to avoid obstacles like Tom, oil spills, and mouse traps to be successful. Use power-ups so you get to avoid being caught by Tom and collect those cheese as fast as you can to get a three-star.



Numerous Levels and Challenges

The game presents numerous levels and challenges. Each location has ten different areas and no one is of the same as the other, so you won’t get bored playing this game. Moreover, as the levels progress, challenges appear to be greater such as having more traps around the area, and Tom having his friends help him out to catch you. Make it even harder by having time pressure. Old or young definitely, you will be challenged playing this one of a kind thrilling game.


This is a sure way to enjoy yourself and have fun in your free time. You’ll never get tired playing this game for hours!


Great Sounds and Graphics

The TV show version of this game was a big hit due to its funny storyline as well as its great sounds and graphics and this game will surely won’t let you down since this too has one. Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze included cheerful sounds and great and clear graphics that would make you want to keep it playing.



Countless Power-ups

If Tom has his friends to catch you, you as Jerry have power-ups that would boost you to get those cheese easily too. With Spike the dog, which makes Tom and his friends dizzy. As well as the chili power-up that will make you run faster and be uncatchable, and the clock power-up that would lessen your burden working under time pressure. Each level would be a breeze.


Don’t worry if you fail to do so since you’re still able to retake the level to beat Tom, get those cheese, and obtain 3 stars all the time.


So, click and play Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze Free for PC now!


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