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Did you know that yetis love berries more than anything in the world? We’re just kidding, we made that up. However, in Yeti Sensation, you get to play as the legendary creature of the ice and collect all the berries that lie outside his home!


It’s funny to know that this big fella happens to know fluent English and has a perfect sense of knowing what to eat and what to avoid. Played as an endless runner game, Yeti Sensation is an over-the-top hilarious game that will keep you laughing as well as enjoying!


All you need is your mouse to control him and you’re good to go! Play your unblocked games for free online!
Oh, and please remind him that bear traps aren’t just for bears. He thinks it won’t activate on him.


Yeti Sensation Game Features:

Yeti Sensation promises its players a fun-filled endless runner game with user-friendly controls. Moreover, the game has a lot of comedic moments to keep you laughing from start to finish! Read on to find more game features:


Endless Runner Game with More Simplified Controls

If you think endless runner games had the simplest control layout, wait till you play Yeti Sensation. All you need to do is steer the guy left and right with a mouse and that’s it! No need for you to big jumps, ducks or even tap on the game other than tapping one which direction he should go to.

Oh and he’s self-aware that the road he’s taking is endless, mind you.



Moment-to-Moment Comedy!

We can’t stress enough how funny Yeti Sensation is from the way he runs to the moment he bumps into a camera and gets discovered by the media. It’s a game that will have you laughing while keeping your eyes on the road he takes!

There are also lots of traps waiting for you. You know how humans are. They’ll do anything to find the yeti themselves and become filthy rich.


Each time he does collection combos, get a purple berry, pick up a rocket or bump into an obstacle, it’s always hilarious to see how he reacts. It’s lighthearted when it comes to the jokes but its challenges are very serious! While there may be no jumping and ducking in the game, using the mouse to steer left and right can seem to be hard to do unless you’re already used to it. What’s more is that obstacles pop up in not more than 2 seconds every time! Watch your step.

Don’t let his funny face distract you from getting the highest score in the arctic!


Get Those Power-Ups!

What’s an endless runner game without those silly power-ups, right? Use the magnet to collect nearby berries, use the rocket to speed through the track, collect a purple berry to score more points, use the Double Points to…well, double your points, and the force field so Yeti won’t be dumb enough to bump into a wall and crash.

You can also upgrade these on the go through the pause menu too – great for when you need that extra clutch out of an inescapable obstacle and still want to push forward with your high score.



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